Vacuum Jug – An Essential Temperature Perseverance for Beverages

When you think of a thermos, what do you see? Do you see a construction worker stopping to pour a hot cup of coffee in the middle of a job site? Do you see a secretary sipping on a hot cup of soup? Or perhaps you see some backpackers huddled around a fire as the sun goes down… what’s the point here? The point is that thermal containers have many uses and can be utilized by everyone regardless of what you do for a living or what your hobbies may be.


One thing about thermal ware that is very true, is that it needs to work and work really well. That coffee that you brewed this morning, still has to be hot in 4 hours, and you only get that sort of heat retention with great products and great technology. Our China vacuum jugs offer this because they better prevent heat dissipation that occurs through air flow. Not every thermos are built equally, and whether you are sending your child to school with chicken noodle soup, or you are a soldier camped out in the mountains in the dead of winter – you want whatever you put in your thermos to be hot when you need it to be.


Although these days there are a lot of fancy glass and silicone water bottles and ceramic travel mugs, none of them do the job of keeping your drinks hot (or cold) very well. They simplyVacuum Jugs Manufactured in China aren’t designed to. Most of the companies that produce these products are appealing to a customer’s sense of style. They are hoping you see something and think it looks cool enough to buy, regardless of whether it does its job effectively. Unfortunately, this is the way everything is designed today – from computers to clothing, it’s more about looks than substance. Here at Golmate, we spend all our efforts perfecting the performance of their products, and have selected the best materials to achieve that end.

You don’t want to accidentally drop and break a double-walled transparent glass thermos, and you certainly don’t want to bring a giant ceramic mug with a silicon ‘spill-stopper’ lid on it. You need something that you can drop, accidentally knock over or crush against a wall that isn’t going to explode or crack or otherwise get destroyed. Beyond that, you also want something that will protect its contents despite what the container goes through in a day. For this, you need durable materials like stainless steel that is tough enough to stand up to wear and tear, and durable enough to earn a dent or two without compromising its effectiveness.


There are a lot of thermos brands on the market – a lot! But most of them aren’t designed to get you through the day. If you are looking for a thermos that really will keep your coffee or soup piping hot all day, or your water icy cold, take a look at what we offer at Golmate. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Thermos Flasks Keep Liquids Hot or Cold For A Long Time

Thermos flasks have revolutionized lunch. The thermos, which allowed food or drinks to be kept hot or cold over a long time, meant that people could have a hot meal, or a cold drink, at any time they needed it without having to rely on refrigerators, kitchens or microwaves.

The thermos flasks basically made people’s lives better. It saves money, and stops us from relying on cafeterias or processed food for meals.

How do they work?

Originally invented in 1892, they consisted of a flask within another flask, joined at the neck, and with the air between the two evacuated to create a vacuum that regulated the temperature of liquids. They were originally intended to stabilize the temperature of elements in the chemistry lab, but their commercial use was obvious. Soon, they were being marketed as a tool to help people thermos flask made in chinakeep their foods at the right temperature. This was a great boon in the days before microwaves—or 24-hour coffee shops. They are still just as useful today for those who can’t access those things, or for those who just choose to avoid them.

Glass or glass-lined?

Although useful, the original thermos product was fragile. Imagine how your whole day could be spoiled when your anticipated thermos flasks full of tea became a thermos full of tea and broken glass. A glass lined flask is a better choice, because it retains the benefits of the glass properties, but, with the lining inside, it has none of the drawbacks. Glass-lined flasks don’t change the taste of the drink, and best of all, the casing around the glass is shatterproof, so special care does not need to be taken with it. Just throw it into your bag and don’t worry about it. Another benefit? Leak-proof. So, you actually can just throw it into a bag and not worry. It won’t leave coffee table rings either.

Regular temperature

Keeping liquids hot or cold for a long time is the big benefit, and has in fact, changed the way people drink. It is easy to take a healthy meal with you to work, to school, or to an event. Thermoses can carry soup, drinks, or even whole foods, and they can keep them at a safe temperature. There is no need to worry about bacteria, or about toxic chemicals leaching into the drinks from BPA plastics.

Something for everyone

Vacuum flasks now come in a variety of styles and purposes. Do you want one to match your outfit? Something that is as trendy and stylish as spring time in Paris? They have one. Do you need a travel mug? If you are having guests for lunch, maybe you need a carafe for lattes. Whatever you want, there is a thermos flask for you.

No matter what the weather, having something hot at lunch can really brighten up your mood, make you feel comforted, and help prepare you for the afternoon. Also, bringing our own food saves a lot of money—with the added benefit of knowing exactly what we are eating all the time. Thermos flasks really have improved life for many people. Allowing us to eat a hot meal, or have a hot or cold drink, has really made more than just our lunches better.

Keep Food Fresh with Vacuum Food Containers

Some people think that just any old container will do to store their food. Think again! If you want your food to stay fresh, to save money on your grocery bill, to ensure a proper leak so your food won’t spill, and assurance that you don’t have BPA or other toxic chemicals in your food because of your container, then you need to switch to vacuum food containers. There are many reasons to make the change, and we hope to convince you that it’s worth it for your family.

Vacuum Food Containers Keep Food Fresh and Hot

When you buy fresh food, it has a shelf life. Vacuum food containers help to ensure that the food you are putting in our containers stays fresh and hot. Now, you can take wholesome, homemade food to work or school and it will stay hot until you want to you want to eat it. You can also bring a hot drink with you in one of Golmate’s vacuum flasks.

Vacuum Food Containers save You Money vacuum food containers

Along with keeping your food fresh and hot, vacuum food containers can also save you money. They can cut down on the expense of going out for lunch or sending money with your children for lunches at the cafeteria at school. Taking a lunch from home is far more affordable, and with the rising price of food, this is a major benefit to using vacuum sealed food containers. Home cooked meals are also more likely to be more nutritious and who doesn’t like to save money and eat healthy at the same time?

Vacuum Food Containers Won’t Leak

Have you ever had your beverage or food leak out of its container into your lunch bag, or even worse, your purse? You know that it can be annoying and embarrassing when this happens. Not to mention, you may now have to go without your food or drink because of the spill. Don’t let this happen to you again. With vacuum sealed food containers, you can be confident that whatever you put into a Golmate container will stay inside and not spill while it’s being transported.

Vacuum Food Containers are Safe

Many people use plastic containers. Recently the controversy over the use of BPA in plastic containers is making people more aware and conscious of the containers in which they store their food. When you buy Golmate’s vacuum food containers you don’t need to worry about these risks. We make most of our products with metal and glass. There is little worry about toxic chemicals leeching into your food and harming you and your family.

Golmate has a selection of vacuum containers for food and drinks that will keep your food fresh and edible, the containers won’t spill when closed properly, and you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals in our products. Best of all, these containers will slice your grocery bill because you aren’t wasting as much food as when you were using conventional containers. These are the reasons why you should switch to Golmate vacuum food containers.

Elegant Thermos Flasks for Any Occasion

There’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as a hot cup of coffee. It’s a delicious and invigorating way to wake up in the morning. It’s a comforting break at work, or a relaxing way to unwind after dinner. However, unless we’re talking about iced coffee, the key word here is “hot”. Lukewarm coffee just doesn’t have the same effect, and coffee that has grown cold just isn’t worth drinking anymore. And let’s face it; fans of iced coffee will tell you that freshness matters at any temperature. Thermos flasks are one way to maintain the warmth and freshness that makes coffee delicious, and here at Golmate, we have quite a good selection of elegant thermos flasks for every occasion.

Staying Power

Every coffee aficionado will tell you that sometimes, one cup just isn’t enough. That’s why, at Golmate, we believe in using the most efficient technology to keep your coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate for those of you with a sweet tooth) as hot and fresh as possible for as long as you might want a drink. We use the best and safest materials for our thermos flasks, and we subject all of our products to extensive testing to ensure that your coffee will be exactly the way you want it, no matter when you decide to pour it.

Attractive DesignThermos Flasks

In the world of food and drink, presentation isn’t quite everything, but it’s certainly very important. Golmate’s thermos flasks are elegantly designed to fit into any setting. They’re classy enough to place on your table for a family breakfast, or to serve an after-dinner brew. Our simple, stainless steel design looks perfectly at home in a professional setting as well. Nobody wants to drink coffee poured from a dingy, unattractive pitcher. We like to think that your beverage will taste just a little bit better when it comes from a beautiful pot.

Home Away From Home

Hot, fresh coffee is the best kind of coffee, but coffee machines aren’t easy to bring with you on the move. Golmate’s thermos flasks are an elegant way to serve coffee in places where a coffee machine can’t go. A meeting at work can be livened up by a pot of coffee (not that anyone would ever fall asleep during a staff meeting). By the same token, jangled nerves from a rough day can be soothed at break time by the homey taste of a cup of fresh brewed Joe. Our portable coffee pots make it easy to provide a cup of wakefulness and relaxation, anytime and anywhere.

All Occasions

There are many times and places where an elegant pot of delicious coffee can come in handy. Perhaps you just want to keep a pot on hand while you work at your home office or in your garden. Maybe you want to surprise a friend with a visit, and want to bring refreshments. Here at Golmate, we design thermos flasks to fit your life, no matter where it takes you.