Elegant Thermos Flasks for Any Occasion

There’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as a hot cup of coffee. It’s a delicious and invigorating way to wake up in the morning. It’s a comforting break at work, or a relaxing way to unwind after dinner. However, unless we’re talking about iced coffee, the key word here is “hot”. Lukewarm coffee just doesn’t have the same effect, and coffee that has grown cold just isn’t worth drinking anymore. And let’s face it; fans of iced coffee will tell you that freshness matters at any temperature. Thermos flasks are one way to maintain the warmth and freshness that makes coffee delicious, and here at Golmate, we have quite a good selection of elegant thermos flasks for every occasion.

Staying Power

Every coffee aficionado will tell you that sometimes, one cup just isn’t enough. That’s why, at Golmate, we believe in using the most efficient technology to keep your coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate for those of you with a sweet tooth) as hot and fresh as possible for as long as you might want a drink. We use the best and safest materials for our thermos flasks, and we subject all of our products to extensive testing to ensure that your coffee will be exactly the way you want it, no matter when you decide to pour it.

Attractive DesignThermos Flasks

In the world of food and drink, presentation isn’t quite everything, but it’s certainly very important. Golmate’s thermos flasks are elegantly designed to fit into any setting. They’re classy enough to place on your table for a family breakfast, or to serve an after-dinner brew. Our simple, stainless steel design looks perfectly at home in a professional setting as well. Nobody wants to drink coffee poured from a dingy, unattractive pitcher. We like to think that your beverage will taste just a little bit better when it comes from a beautiful pot.

Home Away From Home

Hot, fresh coffee is the best kind of coffee, but coffee machines aren’t easy to bring with you on the move. Golmate’s thermos flasks are an elegant way to serve coffee in places where a coffee machine can’t go. A meeting at work can be livened up by a pot of coffee (not that anyone would ever fall asleep during a staff meeting). By the same token, jangled nerves from a rough day can be soothed at break time by the homey taste of a cup of fresh brewed Joe. Our portable coffee pots make it easy to provide a cup of wakefulness and relaxation, anytime and anywhere.

All Occasions

There are many times and places where an elegant pot of delicious coffee can come in handy. Perhaps you just want to keep a pot on hand while you work at your home office or in your garden. Maybe you want to surprise a friend with a visit, and want to bring refreshments. Here at Golmate, we design thermos flasks to fit your life, no matter where it takes you.

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