Vacuum Jug – An Essential Temperature Perseverance for Beverages

When you think of a thermos, what do you see? Do you see a construction worker stopping to pour a hot cup of coffee in the middle of a job site? Do you see a secretary sipping on a hot cup of soup? Or perhaps you see some backpackers huddled around a fire as the sun goes down… what’s the point here? The point is that thermal containers have many uses and can be utilized by everyone regardless of what you do for a living or what your hobbies may be.


One thing about thermal ware that is very true, is that it needs to work and work really well. That coffee that you brewed this morning, still has to be hot in 4 hours, and you only get that sort of heat retention with great products and great technology. Our China vacuum jugs offer this because they better prevent heat dissipation that occurs through air flow. Not every thermos are built equally, and whether you are sending your child to school with chicken noodle soup, or you are a soldier camped out in the mountains in the dead of winter – you want whatever you put in your thermos to be hot when you need it to be.


Although these days there are a lot of fancy glass and silicone water bottles and ceramic travel mugs, none of them do the job of keeping your drinks hot (or cold) very well. They simplyVacuum Jugs Manufactured in China aren’t designed to. Most of the companies that produce these products are appealing to a customer’s sense of style. They are hoping you see something and think it looks cool enough to buy, regardless of whether it does its job effectively. Unfortunately, this is the way everything is designed today – from computers to clothing, it’s more about looks than substance. Here at Golmate, we spend all our efforts perfecting the performance of their products, and have selected the best materials to achieve that end.

You don’t want to accidentally drop and break a double-walled transparent glass thermos, and you certainly don’t want to bring a giant ceramic mug with a silicon ‘spill-stopper’ lid on it. You need something that you can drop, accidentally knock over or crush against a wall that isn’t going to explode or crack or otherwise get destroyed. Beyond that, you also want something that will protect its contents despite what the container goes through in a day. For this, you need durable materials like stainless steel that is tough enough to stand up to wear and tear, and durable enough to earn a dent or two without compromising its effectiveness.


There are a lot of thermos brands on the market – a lot! But most of them aren’t designed to get you through the day. If you are looking for a thermos that really will keep your coffee or soup piping hot all day, or your water icy cold, take a look at what we offer at Golmate. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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