Coffee Airpots are an Elegant Addition to Any Restaurant

The Self-Serve Method

As the “self-serve” method of customer service becomes increasingly popular, people no longer have to take time out of their busy days to get what they need to do done. Many businesses offer “do-it-yourself” options – online banking, self-checkout stations, customer service apps, etc., so that people can upgrade their phone plans, transfer money, or purchase their goods and groceries without the hassle of standing in long lines or waiting for their number to be called. With all the advances in technology, tasks that used to take hours now take only a few seconds. So why can’t people get their own coffee?

Coffee airpots is quickly becoming the most popular and elegant addition to any restaurant, however modest or upscale. Why? It’s simple – guests and patrons appreciate the ability to get a hot cup of coffee or tea without the hassle of standing in line or waiting for a server to come around with refills. That way, they can get their cup of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate the way they want it when they want it.

Great Service, Guaranteed

Adding a coffee airpot to any restaurant not only allows patrons the ability to access fresh and delicious hot beverages whenever they desire, but it makes for great service. While coffee airpots areGlass-Lined-Coffee-Air-Pot still more popular in deli-style or grab-and-go type restaurants, they’re quickly emerging as the most popular, convenient and modern way to serve large groups of people hot beverages that are always fresh, always ready, and always accessible.

Because coffee airpots come in a variety of makes, models and materials, they’re easily portable and adaptable to any restaurant environment.  For example, a large capacity stainless steel airpot would be the perfect addition to a wedding or large-scale event, while a small white plastic or glass dispenser could add a nice touch to a table-service environment and keep patrons satisfied all night. Whatever you do, don’t let your guests go thirsty; give them great coffee service with a coffee airpot.

Avoid Spills

Coffee airpots aren’t just for airport lounges or bagel shops anymore. In fact, they’re being used in all types of restaurants as an elegant, convenient and spill-free way to provide great beverage service to patrons. Coffee airpots differ from traditional coffee carafes because they are operated with a pump, a button or lever system that draws the coffee through the spout. When that activator isn’t engaged, the beverages will not spill out. This makes coffee airpots a fantastic addition to any mobile beverage service, as it keeps hot coffee in cups – and not in someone’s lap!

Any server will attest to how difficult it is to push a coffee cart around, especially in tight spaces. Any slight bump or minor shift in movement could lead to a major accident. Hot coffee or tea is not something to mess around with. If you’re a wholesaler or retailer looking for an elegant and efficient option to provide coffee service, take a look at our selection of sleek and sophisticated airpots.

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