Quality Coffee Vacuum Pots at a Reasonable Price

Coffee carafes come in many different designs and are made from various materials, but they also have some issues that consumers frequently complain about: they cool the coffee too quickly, they alter the taste of the coffee, they break easily, and many aren’t covered by a warranty to protect customers. Golmate products eliminate all of these problems and provide customers with a superior product that will allow them to enjoy their coffee to its fullest potential.

Golmate Products Keep the Coffee Hot

One complaint that customers have about coffee pots is that they don’t keep the coffee hot. This is one of the characteristics that impact the enjoyment of your coffee. However, Golmate glass lined coffee vacuum pots will keep your coffee hot and ready to drink for hours, so you can have a leisurely breakfast, brunch, or host and event without having to worry about making another batch of coffee.

Golmate Coffee Pots Don’t Impact the Taste of the Coffee 

CoffeeThere are many factors that can impact the taste of your coffee: the quality of the beans, the temperature of the water, the ratio of water you use to the amount of coffee grounds, and the container in which it is stored after its brewed. Unlike, metal coffee carafes that can sometimes leave an unnatural after taste; our glass lined coffee pots won’t impact the taste of your coffee. This product leaves you with a cup of coffee that tastes the way it’s supposed to – like coffee!

Golmate Prides Itself on Quality

 We want every customer to be satisfied with the coffee pot that they purchase from our company. That’s why we commit ourselves to the highest standard of manufacturing our products. We use the best raw materials and monitor the production process. We personally test our products to make sure that each coffee pot that is put into the hands of our customers will perform or exceed their expectations.

Golmate Products are supported by Warranty

When you buy a Golmate glass lined coffee pot, you get a warranty that is second to none. If you go to a big box store and buy a coffee carafe, you aren’t guaranteed to be taken care of if your product is defective or needs to be repaired. Golmate products are supported by a full one year warranty. We even have a support hotline that you can call. Our knowledgeable staff will give you practical instructions and helpful advice for troubleshooting your product after your purchase.

Golmate coffee pots are a great choice for customers who are looking for a coffee carafe that won’t disappoint. We know that users want a product that will keep their coffee at just the right temperature for hours; the coffee carafe won’t leave a funny after taste on the beverage either. Customers want a product that they can trust, and Golmate ensures this with our strict production controls, warranty, and helpful product support after the purchase of one of our great glass lined coffee pots.


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