Save a Bundle and Purchase Airpot Flasks in Bulk

One of the worst feelings is taking the time to pack your drinks and meals for a long day at work or play and opening up the containers to find the food has either warmed or cooled instead of remaining the desired temperature. With so many companies creating throw away containers, how can you be certain you will choose the right thermos suppliers that will provide the quality of airpot flasks, coffee pots and food containers that you require?


One such company, Golmate, understands your need for strong, reliable, affordable thermos supplies that will keep working as long as you do each day. Here at Golmate, we are known as one of the leading thermos manufacturers in the industry, supplying coffee pots, thermos flasks, vacuum jugs, travel mugs and thermal food containers.

We have over 15 years of experience and customer service, providing our products to countries such as Germany, UK, Belgium, Poland, France, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, and North America, to name a few. We will show you our products and help you decide which ones would be best for your clients – we will ensure you are able to save a bundle and purchase airpot flasks and our other products in bulk to make sure you get a great deal.

How can we guarantee our products are top notch?

All-OverWe have very strict criteria to ensure each and every product we sell is of the highest quality. We perform numerous quality control tests throughout the production process, including three separate temperature tests for all our thermal ware to ensure it meets or exceeds our written promises.  Thanks to our airpot factory, we can control quality and costs – and pass those savings on to you.

In addition to the high expectations, we place on our airpot factory to make the best product, we ensure this same level of customer service throughout the process, from the initial ordering stage to the production stage and straight through to the delivery stage, we ensure outstanding customer service, communication and on-time delivery – an essential part of the whole relationship with our retailers/distributors and individual customers.

We are also able to keep our costs very reasonable by having no middleman in the process above – we communicate and work directly with our potential distributors, keeping both yours and our costs down. We maintain ongoing technical support post-purchase so that you don’t feel abandoned as soon as the transaction is complete.

Our design

As indicated, we have full control, from the initial design stage all the way to the on-time delivery of your products. We are particularly excited with the level of experience and ingenuity our design team provides us daily. They work in our airpot factory closely with the rest of the manufacturing sector so new concepts can be tested as soon as the designs come to fruition.

We not only focus on a device to keep your food and drinks hot, we consider the overall image – stylish, durable and easy to clean. Ergonomic designs have also started to become the desired fashion.  For more information on what we have to offer, contact us at or check out our website at


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