Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers for Food Service Industry

Many food service professionals have had problems with keeping their delicious culinary feats at the right temperature. For too long, they’ve been overcooking or rushing to and fro, trying their best to keep things at a suitable serving temperature. It’s the result of bad thermal equipment, but that can change if they choose Golmate stainless steel food storage products. Here are just a few reasons food service professionals are making the switch and never looking back.

  1. Hot Foods are Hot, Cold Foods kept Cold

Many thermal insulation techniques cater to either heat or cold in an attempt to market specialized products but they’re all forgetting one of the fundamental principles behind food storage containers: that they can, and should, do both.

Golmate stainless steel products embrace the versatility of insulated products that keep things hot or cold. Every single one of our stainless steel food storage containers is built with double walled stainless steel or glass interiors to keep your foods at the right temperature. And each design has been tested for maximum insulation too, so they’ll stay at those temperatures for much, much longer. No more unnecessary rushing. No more tepid foods. Just the perfect temperature, at the perfect time.

  1. Products that are Easy to Use

Restaurants are busy places and that goes double for the kitchen. For all the talent you may have back there, you Storagearen’t using their full potential if you don’t have intuitive, quality equipment. That’s why the Golmate stainless steel line has extra features to make things extra simple and extra fast. With all five stainless steel models, you get wide mouths and spill-proof caps that make loading and pouring simple. From there, each product has special features that make their use even easier. The FLGC, for example, has an automatic stopper to help prevent spills. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that they can easily fit into your existing kitchen and equipment, making storage easier and more convenient.

  1. High Quality Products at Reasonable Prices

Individual sales are great for families and regular people, but they’re also a great place for companies to add a bit of a mark-up. Here at Golmate, we know that’s unsustainable for businesses. With us, you can buy wholesale products so that your costs can stay low without sacrificing quality. All of our stainless steel food storage containers are designed to be versatile and useful, but above all else, they’re designed to be used by professionals. This means high-quality construction and never skimping on quality, starting with materials – but it also means pricing that’s designed to help businesses succeed.

If you’re looking for new food storage containers, Golmate can fix you up with the products you need all in one go, at a price you’ll love. It saves you from hunting around individual stores looking for the same product and it can save you on your expenses. All without settling for lower-quality products. With Golmate, you can keep your foods at the right temperatures, and keep your customers impressed.


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