Travel Mugs Make Perfect Company Gifts for Any Event

Company gifts serve many functions. They are given to show the generosity of a company, to celebrate events and milestones and as prizes at company-sponsored events. The type of gift you choose says a lot about your company, so be sure to choose a gift that is high-quality, thoughtful and most of all – useful. Don’t give gifts that will simply take up drawer space. Give a gift that will be used, loved and remind the user of the positive things your company can do for them. There is one gift that fits this description: travel mugs.

Why Travel Mugs Are the Perfect Company Gift

There are so many reasons why travel mugs make the best corporate giveaway, including:

  • Affordability: Being asked to give a door prize at an event, needing a gift to give all your employees, or being required to bring giveaways to a conference costs your company money. You’ll green travel mugneed to stay on budget while also providing a high-quality item. Golmate’s travel mugs are sold in lot sizes so you get warehouse pricing. Whether you need a small lot size or to buy in bulk, our travel mugs are affordable for any corporate gifting occasion.


  • Thoughtfulness: We all know the importance of staying hydrated (and caffeinated!) but a clumsy glass on your desk or an open cup of coffee in your car is simply impractical. Sturdy, durable travel mugs that retain the content’s temperature for hours are desirable for anyone on the move – the commuter, the executive, the laborer – everyone can use a good travel mug making it the ideal gift for companies with a diverse range of jobs and people.


  • Style: It’s not enough to just have a good travel mug. You want the style to shine through! Our in-house research and development team has come up with several sleek, trendy styles guaranteed to please the pickiest user. Bright colors and stainless steel provide form and function while being an eye-catching accessory for any outfit, cup holder or lunch bag.

Events That Require Corporate Gifts

Now that you know why affordable, stylish travel mugs are the most thoughtful, practical gift for corporate events, think of Golmate every time you have a:

  • Staff anniversary party
  • Tradeshow
  • Conference
  • A group of visiting delegates
  • Golf tournament

We stand behind the quality of our products with a one-year warranty and our customer service is second to none. Golmate has an in-house research and development facility and we put our products through three separate tests to ensure the quality.  Each and every product produced by Golmate is done so in a manufacturing plant committed to social and environmental responsibility.

The need to make a good impression when giving a company gift is important to show your employees and/or clients that they are valued. Don’t give the wrong impression with a thoughtless gift that just sits around gathering dust. Give the gift that everyone wants, needs and will put to good use. Give a high quality, affordable, tested, durable travel mug from Golmate.


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