5 Reasons Why You Need to Stock Coffee Airpots in Your Store

Did you know that a lot of people prefer a coffee airpot to keep their beverages hot over a thermos when they’re partaking in recreational activities, such as boating? This is one reason, among many, why you need to stock coffee airpots in your retail store.

5 Reasons why you Need to Stock Coffee Airpots in Your Store 

Airpots provide a convenience that consumers can’t get from a coffee thermos or carafe. Below we’ll look at five of these benefits.

  1. Airpots are More Convenient Than a Thermos

Airpots are super convenient, particularly when people are on the go because of the pump. They don’t have to be pouring the liquid out of the airpot, making it easier to maneuver when
consumers are in small areas, such as a boat – during a day of sailing – plus there is less of a chance they will spill it.

It’s even possible to get a drink from a coffee airpot while travelling in a vehicle, such as a bus – for people going on group tours – as well as cars, trucks and motor homes.

  1. Coffee Airpot Quality

Airpots are just as good as thermoses when it comes to keeping coffee hot; provided that the airpot is made of high quality materials.quality

  1. Versatility With a Coffee Airpot

Airpots are used for more than just coffee. They can hold hot chocolate, apple cider, hot water, as well as cold drinks. Some people even use them to carry ice cubes. If there is a group of people going out, or when a family is going on a special outing such as enjoying the snow tobogganing, they can just bring some hot water; and everyone can bring an instant version of their favorite drink. Tea lovers can bring tea bags, coffee fans can bring a small jar of instant coffee, and parents can pack some hot chocolate packages for the kids.

  1. Child Friendly

With their pump-style dispenser airpots are easier for children to use. Parents don’t have to worry about them spilling the contents and hurting themselves, or making a mess. It should be noted that preparing an airpot by filling it with a hot liquid is a task we only recommend for adults. To fill the airpot safely, the airpot should be put in a sink (if possible) before pouring the boiling water or super-hot coffee in.

  1. Potential for Increased Sales

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why consumers would love the option of buying a coffee airpot in addition to, or in place of a thermos. Thus, if you stock them in your store you will increase the likelihood that shoppers will buy both products.

If these five reasons why you need to stock coffee airpots in your store make sense and you’re ready to start shopping, you can go to our website.  While you’re there, you can look at our selection of different styles of coffee airports, and if you have any questions, you can quickly and easily send us an inquiry.

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