4 Reasons to Love an Airpot Flask

Serving up hot or cold beverages requires a few different things: talented staff, quality items, and the latest in thermos technology. Each are key, but without the last one, you can have everything and still be serving tepid, undesirable products. That’s why we at Golmate have developed our very own Airpot flask, a thermos designed to make serving beverages easy. Every Airpot product comes with a pump or button to serve piping hot beverages whenever you need. They make serving easy. Here are a few reasons why you’ll love our Airpot flask.

  1. They Come in Two VarietiesAirport Flask

Our Airpot flasks come in two different kinds: glass-lined or double-walled vacuum. Each provide their own distinct advantages, but both will provide you with a high-quality flask that’s built to survive commercial use. The vacuum seal and glass-walled versions are highly durable, built to keep hot items hot and cold items cold, and designed by our in-house R & D team. The vacuum is designed for easy travel, being both light and easy to use, while the glass-walled will keep beverages at the perfect temperature for longer.

  1. They Make Serving Easy

Airpot’s are made to serve, with a handy pumping feature so people can get hot or cold beverages right away. When you’re finished, or travelling, the pump easily collapses down and securely fastens to prevent spills. It’s the perfect thermos for serving on the go, and specially designed to let people help themselves. If you have a conference or lobby that needs coffee, hot water, or even refreshing lemonade, the Airpot flask was made to make the experience fast and easy.

  1. You’ll Love Them, Guaranteed

All of our Golmate Airpot flasks come with a one-year guarantee that ensures your complete and total satisfaction. If it breaks or isn’t up to your expectations, we will happily help you get what you need. Our customer service is unparalleled, and we strive to make sure every one of our valued clients is happy with their purchases.

  1. They Come in More than Just Chrome

While our silver and chrome models are the most popular versions, the Airpot flask comes in all kinds of designs and materials for your needs. For something more brightly colored, you can select from our many different designs and patterns, ranging from subtle to fun and eye-catching.

  1. They’re Cutting Edge Technology

Golmate isn’t simply providing the best technology for flasks and containers, we’re leading the charge in product development. Our in-house R & D team is constantly working on better thermos technologies to make our products more efficient, cost-effective, and better at what they do. A Golmate Airpot flask is using tomorrow’s technology today, rather than what worked best in the past. And for our customers, that means a higher-quality product that’s sure to last.

If you’re on the market for high-quality thermos products, only Golmate has all of these qualities. Our Airpot flasks in particular are perfect for anyone who needs something that’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes. Whether you are in catering, or supplying a chain of stores, Golmate Airpot Flasks make serving simple, and can do the job for longer than the competition.

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