The best travel coffee mug for any situation

Everyone loves being able to take their coffee with them wherever they go—around the office, to meetings, in the car, anywhere. People enjoy a coffee that stays hot, and if your employees are constantly busy, they will benefit from having a mug that is able to retain heat. People also need a reliable coffee mug that isn’t going to leak. Too many times have un-tight coffee mugs spilled all over desks, floors and even worse, people. This can all be stopped by finding the best travel coffee mug on the market for your office!
Coffee mug
The best travel coffee mug for your employees needs to be something that is both reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Travel mugs come in a wide range of colours and styles, and can even be personalized. The best design for a mug that’s going to last your employees a long time should include a double walled stainless steel vacuum within the body of the mug, and a tight seal for the lid so that no coffee or other hot beverages are able to escape.

A great brand of mug for your employee’s needs

One particularly great brand for office coffee mugs is ours! Golmate has a number of great designs for our coffee mugs, including slimmer designs for fast-paced, on-the-go individuals and larger, wider cups with handles for those looking for a slower sip on their morning coffee. Golmate’s products come in a wide variety of exciting colors and designs. You can choose solid colors, such as blue or green, or a pattern, which can include words or shapes. The material used is safe, and beverages will stay both hot and cold.

A reliable and durable model
Many travel mugs have stainless steel bodies, but do not have the vacuum seal that you get with Golmate’s selection of coffee mugs. The stainless steel bodies in other mugs are simply screwed or fastened into place, and while they do prevent some thermal air loss, they have nowhere near the same efficacy as a vacuum sealed stainless steel body. Many mugs also come in ceramic, with double wall ceramic bodies. Golmate does not make these types of mugs due to the sheer fact that they are not reliable. The ceramic body does not keep heat in well, ceramic will make the mug heavy for travel purposes, and if dropped will shatter. Stainless steel mugs are lightweight and convenient, and can come with a handle or a middle grip, depending on preference.

In a society where we’re constantly making our own brews, what with the invention of the many single-serve pods coffee machines, the need for travel mugs is greater than ever, especially in the office environment. And not just any travel mugs, but reliable, stylish and especially affordable coffee mug solutions. When you’re looking for the best travel coffee mug for your employees, choose Golmate’s travel coffee mugs. You will be getting a reliable, well-built, great looking mug. Don’t cheap out on a non-vacuum stainless steel or ceramic mug. Choose the mug that’s going to work!

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