5 Reasons to Prefer Insulated Coffee Carafe’s Over Glass Coffee Carafes

When given the choice, do consumers prefer an insulated coffee carafe or a glass carafe? This is the topic we are going to look at below; we know that if you are going to offer coffee carafes to your shoppers, it is important to know their preferences.

  1. Insulated Coffee Carafe Pricing

Insulated coffee carafes tend to be more expensive than glass coffee carafes, but does that matter to consumers? Well, yes and no – it depends on what they intend to do with it.

If they are only going to make a pot of coffee and drink it right away, then a glass coffee carafe may suffice, however, if they are a coffee lover they will probably want to savor it and use a coffee carafe because it will keep their coffee hot for hours, without sitting on a burner.

  1. Insulated Coffee Carafe QualityCoffee carafe

How important is quality to consumers? It is a given that consumers care a lot about the quality of products. With an insulated coffee carafe, they will probably never have to replace it because they are practically unbreakable. With the exception of the few dents and dings it will probably earn over time, particularly if is used a lot, it will stand the test of time. This is of specific importance when your consumer is buying in large volumes or if their business will feature the product prominently, such as a catering company. A good product always garner’s great word of mouth.

  1. Insulated Coffee Carafe and Durability

How important is the durability of products to consumers? We would have to say this is high on the list of what consumers are looking for.  Who wants to spend money on something that will only last a short while because it is easy to break? No one wants to spend money on a product they will have to replace right away. Businesses want good investments, and a good investment is a quality product.

  1. Insulated Coffee Carafe and Portability

How important is portability with a coffee carafe to consumers? Well again, it depends on its intended use. If they are a business on the move, glass will not do. In commercial and business settings, glass can often pose a safety hazard, and not offer the same volume and longevity of the modern carafe.

  1. Multiple Uses of an Insulated Coffee Carafe

How enticing is a product with multiple uses? Obviously, consumers would love to have a product they can use for more than one purpose. With a glass coffee carafe their only choice is to put coffee or tea in it. On the flip side, with an insulated carafe they can put any liquid they want to in it – whether it is hot or cold.

They can use it for soup, coffee, tea, juice, pop, and even water. This is perfect for meetings and conferences because they can hold a variety of drinks. Versatility is an important aspect of any product you are considering buying, and as a business owner you want something that is not only worth your money but something that could eliminate additional costs – versatility achieves this.

If these five reasons consumers prefer insulated coffee carafes over glass coffee carafes have got you thinking about making a change to the products you carry, or the break room equipment in your office, or the tools you use at your work, check out our website today.  While you are there, you can look at our selection of different styles of insulated coffee carafes, and if you have any questions, you can quickly and easily send us an inquiry.


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