Stainless Steel Food Storage is a Great Modern Choice

After all these years of having bottled drinks pushed on us, today people are trying to be more health conscious and more eco-conscious. This means not drinking out of plastic bottles, and if we do drink out of anything plastic, to be very wary of what type of plastic it is.  Stainless steel thermos food containers are an excellent alternative to plastic bottles for many reasons, and research has made them more modern than ever.

Bring Lunchfood storage

Buying lunch out is time consuming, and expensive, and often what we buy is neither healthy, nor natural. It’s much better for our bodies and for our wallets to bring our own food from home. Not to mention the lift a cup of homemade soup can give us on a cold day. So, bringing lunch in a stainless steel thermos container is a great way to go. Lunch will be cheaper, healthier, and much more delicious.

Hazards of plastic

We all know about the overflowing land-fills and governments that are running out of places to put their country’s wastes. We all know about the dangers of chemicals leaching out of our BPA-containing plastic bottles.  We went from ‘bring your own bottle’ to ‘don’t drink out of it more than once’ when it came to the store bought plastics. BPA plastics are on the verge of being banned. They are reputed to have hormone-changing properties, but even if the situation is not that drastic, they have been linked to hormonal cancers, like breast cancer and prostate cancer. And above all, we know not to put any of these plastics in the microwave, because it only makes the cancer-causing attributes more powerful, so we have been told.  So, we are all being more careful when it comes to plastics, but where does that leave us? How can we take our own beverages or hot food with us? Think glass, or stainless steel.

Stainless Steel

What makes stainless steel so much better? It’s reusable, lightweight, and unbreakable. Glass can be heavy and it shatters when it’s dropped, so while glass has advantages, stainless steel is still a better choice for on-the-go. There are some differences, also. Glass can be put in the microwave; stainless steel cannot. Stainless steel can be put in the oven or used on the stovetop; glass cannot. But with a thermos, it doesn’t really matter. With a thermos, you can put food into it in the morning, and it will remain at the same temperature until you are ready to eat it. Not having to stand in the microwave line-up is another plus. The most important thing about carrying lunch in a stainless steel food storage container is that the food maintains its temperature.


Some thermos containers have glass linings, but that doesn’t make them dangerous. Once, people had to be very careful with a glass thermos. One tap and it would shatter. But today’s thermal ware is much more advanced. The glass is shatterproof, airtight and leak-proof. They are also easy to carry and fill, and even clean.

If you believe that it’s time to ditch the plastics, start considering stainless steel products. Everyone is looking for great quality products that work, why not give them some that they really need and will use?

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