The best travel coffee mug for any situation

Everyone loves being able to take their coffee with them wherever they go—around the office, to meetings, in the car, anywhere. People enjoy a coffee that stays hot, and if your employees are constantly busy, they will benefit from having a mug that is able to retain heat. People also need a reliable coffee mug that isn’t going to leak. Too many times have un-tight coffee mugs spilled all over desks, floors and even worse, people. This can all be stopped by finding the best travel coffee mug on the market for your office!
Coffee mug
The best travel coffee mug for your employees needs to be something that is both reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Travel mugs come in a wide range of colours and styles, and can even be personalized. The best design for a mug that’s going to last your employees a long time should include a double walled stainless steel vacuum within the body of the mug, and a tight seal for the lid so that no coffee or other hot beverages are able to escape.

A great brand of mug for your employee’s needs

One particularly great brand for office coffee mugs is ours! Golmate has a number of great designs for our coffee mugs, including slimmer designs for fast-paced, on-the-go individuals and larger, wider cups with handles for those looking for a slower sip on their morning coffee. Golmate’s products come in a wide variety of exciting colors and designs. You can choose solid colors, such as blue or green, or a pattern, which can include words or shapes. The material used is safe, and beverages will stay both hot and cold.

A reliable and durable model
Many travel mugs have stainless steel bodies, but do not have the vacuum seal that you get with Golmate’s selection of coffee mugs. The stainless steel bodies in other mugs are simply screwed or fastened into place, and while they do prevent some thermal air loss, they have nowhere near the same efficacy as a vacuum sealed stainless steel body. Many mugs also come in ceramic, with double wall ceramic bodies. Golmate does not make these types of mugs due to the sheer fact that they are not reliable. The ceramic body does not keep heat in well, ceramic will make the mug heavy for travel purposes, and if dropped will shatter. Stainless steel mugs are lightweight and convenient, and can come with a handle or a middle grip, depending on preference.

In a society where we’re constantly making our own brews, what with the invention of the many single-serve pods coffee machines, the need for travel mugs is greater than ever, especially in the office environment. And not just any travel mugs, but reliable, stylish and especially affordable coffee mug solutions. When you’re looking for the best travel coffee mug for your employees, choose Golmate’s travel coffee mugs. You will be getting a reliable, well-built, great looking mug. Don’t cheap out on a non-vacuum stainless steel or ceramic mug. Choose the mug that’s going to work!

Travel Mugs Make Perfect Company Gifts for Any Event

Company gifts serve many functions. They are given to show the generosity of a company, to celebrate events and milestones and as prizes at company-sponsored events. The type of gift you choose says a lot about your company, so be sure to choose a gift that is high-quality, thoughtful and most of all – useful. Don’t give gifts that will simply take up drawer space. Give a gift that will be used, loved and remind the user of the positive things your company can do for them. There is one gift that fits this description: travel mugs.

Why Travel Mugs Are the Perfect Company Gift

There are so many reasons why travel mugs make the best corporate giveaway, including:

  • Affordability: Being asked to give a door prize at an event, needing a gift to give all your employees, or being required to bring giveaways to a conference costs your company money. You’ll green travel mugneed to stay on budget while also providing a high-quality item. Golmate’s travel mugs are sold in lot sizes so you get warehouse pricing. Whether you need a small lot size or to buy in bulk, our travel mugs are affordable for any corporate gifting occasion.


  • Thoughtfulness: We all know the importance of staying hydrated (and caffeinated!) but a clumsy glass on your desk or an open cup of coffee in your car is simply impractical. Sturdy, durable travel mugs that retain the content’s temperature for hours are desirable for anyone on the move – the commuter, the executive, the laborer – everyone can use a good travel mug making it the ideal gift for companies with a diverse range of jobs and people.


  • Style: It’s not enough to just have a good travel mug. You want the style to shine through! Our in-house research and development team has come up with several sleek, trendy styles guaranteed to please the pickiest user. Bright colors and stainless steel provide form and function while being an eye-catching accessory for any outfit, cup holder or lunch bag.

Events That Require Corporate Gifts

Now that you know why affordable, stylish travel mugs are the most thoughtful, practical gift for corporate events, think of Golmate every time you have a:

  • Staff anniversary party
  • Tradeshow
  • Conference
  • A group of visiting delegates
  • Golf tournament

We stand behind the quality of our products with a one-year warranty and our customer service is second to none. Golmate has an in-house research and development facility and we put our products through three separate tests to ensure the quality.  Each and every product produced by Golmate is done so in a manufacturing plant committed to social and environmental responsibility.

The need to make a good impression when giving a company gift is important to show your employees and/or clients that they are valued. Don’t give the wrong impression with a thoughtless gift that just sits around gathering dust. Give the gift that everyone wants, needs and will put to good use. Give a high quality, affordable, tested, durable travel mug from Golmate.


All-Purpose Insulated Travel Mugs for All Seasons

There are a lot of inconvenient things that can ruin a day, but taking a sip from an insulated travel mug, only to discover that the contents are tepid, has to be high on the list. Whether it’s a hot coffee or a cold, satisfying beverage, they all need to be the perfect temperature. When your travel mug doesn’t do that, it makes for a bad experience, and a sudden need to find more coffee. At Golmate, we understand that hot things should stay hot and cold things cold, and it’s why we’ve designed all-purpose insulated travel mugs for all seasons.

Here are just a few reasons why they make great gifts for your customers.

  1. Quality Products

Every Golmate travel coffee mug is made with the highest quality materials and designed by experts who know Coffee Muginsulation. We only use clean, new material and maintain strict quality controls in our on-site factory. This helps us stay confident that every mug we ship, no matter the style or price point, will do exactly what it’s supposed to, and help us maintain the reputation we’ve built.

  1. Distinctive Style

While great construction is good, products need to look good as well, especially if you’re giving them away. Golmate travel mugs come in a variety of colors and styles that can match your company’s own color schemes. That way, whenever your customers use them, they’ll be reminded of who gave it to them.

  1. Price

Quality products at reasonable prices are hard to come by. It’s usually a question of quantity or quality: either you get something that’s subpar and saves you some money, or you find high-quality items that run you over-budget. We at Golmate understands this issue, which is why we price our products with businesses in mind. Our travel mugs are sold in groups of 35 and priced at a bulk discount, so you save money while still getting great products that meet your expectations and specifications.

  1. Protecting the Environment

Travel mugs are not only convenient, they’re a simple way we can all help reduce our waste. In the United States alone, 16 billion coffee cups are thrown away every year, and each of those could have been replaced by a travel mug that we use every day. But using a travel mug is only part of the responsibility. At Golmate, part of the reason why we make high quality products is for their longevity.

We would rather make something that will last, that can get reused every day for years, than something that fades and ends up in the trash next to those disposable paper cups. By making high quality products, we can help reduce waste and help you provide something that will stick with someone for years. It’s a win for you, for us, and for the environment.

The next time you’re looking for a great gift to give your customers and clients, consider an all-purpose insulated travel mugs for all seasons from Golmate. The combination of reasonable cost, distinctive style, and high-quality construction make them the perfect gift. And, they also make our mornings just a little bit easier.


Order Travel Mugs for all of your Promotional Needs

Many businesses give promotional items to valued clients or when they launch a marketing campaign. Travel mugs from Golmate are an excellent choice for all of your promotional needs. These travel coffee mugs come in several colors to choose from and get them customized for your marketing purposes. You can count on the product to be durable and reliable. They are a great choice for a promotional item because they are so popular and many people will use them.

Golmate Travel Mugs Come in Multiple Colors

Customers love choice, and our travel mugs come in many different colors. You have the option of different colors to choose from when you order from Golmate. This means that customers can travel-mug-violetchoose a color that represents their organization or business. Your branding and marketing can stay consistent and you can make a great impression on your clients and anyone who sees the travel mugs you give as promotional items.

Golmate Travel Mugs can be Customized

A great aspect about ordering from Golmate is that your travel mugs can be personalized. You can create a customized message, image, or place your company logo on the travel mugs to promote your organization. These items can be easily targeted when you have different marketing campaigns.

Golmate Travel Mugs are Durable

Golmate manufactures travel mugs with durable metals that stand up to the day-to-day use. Your metal travel mug can handle a drop and continue to function just fine. A durable product gives a better impression of your business, while a poorly made product can leave a customer with a negative experience with your company – perhaps thinking that you’re too cheap to invest in quality gifts.

Golmate Travel Mugs are Popular

Many people enjoy a hot beverage on their commute to work, or while out and about on the weekend. Almost every household has at least one travel mug in their cupboard. Using a travel mug as a promotional tool is a smart idea because you can be assured that it will be used and will be seen by people other than the user or recipient of the gift.

Golmate Travel Mugs are Reliable

You can count on our insulated travel mugs to keep your coffee or tea warm. The design insures proper insulation that will keep your beverage hot for hours after pouring it. Golmate travel mugs also have an expertly designed lid that will ensure that there are no spills in your vehicle or if your travel mug is accidentally tipped over. You can trust the design and manufacturing of our travel mugs.

Many promotional items are easily ignored or thrown away. Travel mugs are a great way to avoid this. A majority of people that receive practical, useful gifts will use them because they enjoy the convenience of these items – especially when they are gifted it from a company they like or work with. Choose Golmate for purchasing travel mugs. We offer many different colors to choose from to meet your promotional needs as well. Contact Golmate today for placing an order for durable and reliable travel mugs.