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We manufacture a wide variety of plastic and double glass lined flasks and coffee vacuum pots. Contact us now for more information.

Glass liner vacuum jug with SS body VJGR
Glass liner vacuum jug wi
Glass liner vacuum jug with SS body VJGQ
Glass liner vacuum jug wi
We know you have customers with high standards and want a coffee vacuum pot that matches their tastes and expectations. Our in-house research and design team has created a stylish, ergonomic glass lined flask that exceed those expectations! Read on to learn how our coffee vacuum pots blend style and functionality with durability and portability, making our coffee vacuum pots one of our most sought after items.
Glass Coffee Vacuum Pot vs. Glass Lined Pot
We provide a glass lined flask, not solid glass, coffee vacuum pot for safety reasons. Although glass pots are common and have some benefits, such as they’re easy to clean and you can see how much coffee is left; they have some pretty serious disadvantages. A glass coffee vacuum pot is very fragile and easy to break. One error in judgment when moving a glass pot can cause it to shatter, which is dangerous as well as frustrating. Also, coffee turns bitter when left in a glass coffee vacuum pot because pure glass pots do not retain heat well.

Our glass lined coffee vacuum pots are shatterproof and retain heat, which means your coffee taste great even after it’s been sitting for a while, and if you drop or bump it, you don’t risk burns and cuts from a shattered pot.
What to Expect With our Glass Lined Flask 
We have over 20 glass lined flask products that come in beautiful, fun colors from conservative to bright.
·     Silver
·     Blue
·     Green and pale green
·     Bright and pale yellow
·     Black
·     Purple
·     Red
·     Pink
Our designers got creative with color choices, providing you with even more options. We have glass lined flasks that come in mixed colors, such as orange with white trim, silver with purple trim, and yellow with white trim, along with flasks with matte finishing.
High Manufacturing Standard 
We manufacture all of our products to the highest standard, because we know how important it is for you to offer your clients the best coffee vacuum pot available. To maintain our reputation in the thermal ware industry, you can expect the following:
·     We create our products from 100% new materials.
·     We have our own CNC processing center.
·     Our thermos products pass the BSCI LFGB and FDA tests for quality.
·     We Support OEM and ODM.
·     We use an advanced processing technique so our products are extremely durable.
·     We use quality and strict production controls when manufacturing our thermal products.
·     We put our products through three temperature tests.
Our Coffee Vacuum Pot Comes with a One-Year Warranty
All of our thermal products, including our coffee vacuum pot, come with a one-year guarantee. We also offer technical support and aftercare. If you have any questions, you can make an online inquiry or contact our sales team directly.
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