Golmate's Outward Bound
    Last month, all members of international sales department took part in a meaningful and challenging course----Outward Bound. Early in the morning, we arrived at the destination----Jiulong Lake, a beautiful place. Upon arrival, we are divided into two teams and our coach introduced the course to us. We got involved in many games. The game which impressed me most is----Move the Casks. It is very challenging. We are required to use the casks and planks to carry all members to the finishing line without touching the ground. Finally we overcame all the difficulties and completed the tasks, which improved our sense of teamwork. Then the thrilling game----Falling Down the Waterfall is another test to our courage. Everyone did well----even a teammate who had fear of height. 
   Through Outward Bound, we found our weakness and strengthened unity between members. What we learned from the game will be a treasure in our lives.
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