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12oz colorful stainless steel travel mug TMGE
Double wall stainless steel vacuum body.nice color painting on the surface.
12oz colorful stainless steel travel mug TMGE
12oz colorful stainless steel travel mug TMGE
12oz colorful stainless steel travel mug TMGE
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Mornings can be stressful with the need to rush off to work after getting the kids ready for school.  Thank goodness for coffee to get through the morning! Afternoons, with their meetings and workload, have most of us reaching for a hot drink. The commute home is always a little better with some great music along with water, tea or coffee. The best part? Hot and cold drinks are stylishly portable with our insulated travel mugs.

Why choose our insulated travel mugs for your customers? Many reasons, including:
1. High Quality – Golmate gives you the affordability of wholesale with outstanding quality. We manufacture each of our insulated travel mugs from clean, new material and maintain strict quality controls in our on-site factory.
2. Environmental Responsibility – Not only does Golmate operate all of its production, R&D and sales in a sustainable manner, encouraging your customers to choose insulated travel mugs over spending money on fast food coffee in paper or non-biodegradable Styrofoam cups means you are helping to create a better planet. Golmate’s insulated travel mugs reduce waste and keep containers out of landfills.
3. Reliability – Hot liquids stay hot. Cold liquids stay cold. We’ve perfected the double walled stainless steel vacuum body to ensure liquids retain their temperature for hours.
4. Style – Our insulated travel mugs come in three attractive colors, feature a modern design, and have a spill-proof attached cap.
For your convenience, our insulated travel mugs come in two sizes and wholesale lots of 35 units.  Our wholesale lots allow smaller retailers to obtain wholesale pricing while not having to overstock inventory, but also allow our larger customers to stock up on product and savings at the same time.

Like all of our thermal ware, the insulated travel mugs come with a one-year warranty and the outstanding customer service you deserve.

We all love coffee, tea and other beverages when on the go, so why not enjoy them a little more with the perfect insulated travel mugs to complete your day?

Contact us or email to learn more about our insulated travel mugs and other fine thermal ware products. 
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