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We offer an extensive range of insulated coffee carafes including double wall stainless steel and glass lined vacuum coffee carafe. Inquire now for more information.

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Double wall stailess steel vacuum jugVJMGb
Double wall stainless steel vacuum body,PP head and handle .push stopper and screw stopper are available
Double wall stailess steel vacuum jugVJMGb
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Our insulated coffee carafes come with a double wall stainless steel vacuum, PP head and handle, and options for a push or screw topper.
The process begins with our professional research and design team works on all of our thermal products. These tireless professionals know what your customers’ needs are and design visually pleasing and functional products, such as our best-selling coffee carafe solutions. 
Did you now that the average American drinks more than two cups of coffee per day? Or that coffee consumption is popular all over the world? The health benefits of coffee are becoming increasingly well known, which means coffee consumption will likely be even greater in the very near future. Coffee – it tastes wonderful, it provides that extra burst of energy and it has many health benefits. Compliment the attributes of coffee with a stylish carafe designed to keep it nice and hot while serving people in restaurants, meetings and at events. Our insulated coffee carafe is elegant, light and easy to clean. In addition to keeping coffee hot, these carafes can be used to keep cream chilled or serve other beverages.
We’ve spent over a decade refining our insulated coffee carafe and other thermal products to ensure your clients get the quality they need and deserve. We truly serve our customers in every sense, with an expert sales team to help you identify which products are best for you and your customers, technical support, customer care and a full one-year warranty.
Golmate is your one stop insulated coffee carafe supplier
We believe in providing customer focused solutions, which is why we are your one stop source for quality insulated coffee carafes.
At Golmate, we have complete control of how are products are manufactured, with our own in-house CNC processing centre, multiple temperature testing for all thermal products, clean and fresh materials in every item, advanced processing techniques and strict quality controls.
When searching for a thermal supplier there are three important factors to look for in an exporter:
·         Product quality
·         Customer service
·         Trust – A reliable trading partner
At Golmate, we excel in each category.
We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and exporting thermal ware products for many years and innovating high quality products has been, and will always be, our goal. We understand and care about what our customers care about, so we deliver what they need each and every time.
This is how we have exceeded our client’s expectations for over a decade; because we create the best thermal ware in the industry, and this same quality goes into every one of our insulated coffee carafes.
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