2019 Golmate Team Building Activities in August 2019-08-19

2019 Golmate Team Building Activities in August

In order to enhance the loyalty and trust of employees and management to the company,Golmate will hold a group building activity every month.

The theme of team building activities in August is Trueman Room Escape,also known as TAKAGISM, which is a puzzle adventure game.

The main content of the game is that the human is trapped in a room where the door is locked. If you want to escape, you need to open every door inside to get out.  Rely on the details, reasoning, and the use of various props,every group  completed the great escape mission!

The group building activity is not only a simple physical training activity, but its more important role is to deeply understand the relationship between individuals and individuals, individuals and organizations, individuals and nature, and explore their potential through experiential exploration.  , thus creating a positive outlook on life, while enhancing employee loyalty and honor to the company.

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