• Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Christmas is one of the biggest festival in the western countries. It is on December 25, the birthday of Jesus Christ. Before the festival, every family will buy a Christmas tree, and put it in the middle of the living-room. And their houses look more soft and beautiful. On Christmas Eve, children always hang up their Christmas stockings and hope Father Christmas will come to put presents in them. In fact, their parents put the presents in their stockings. Due to the heavy influence of western cultures, more and more modern Chinese people prefer western holidays to traditional ones. When Christmas or Valentine Day comes, youngsters flood into bars, restaurants, and department stores to celebrate these festivals. Some people celebrate by giving gifts. Children in China even believe the Santa Claus will give them new toys. Indeed, Chinese people love all the beautiful things and have beautiful hope. We believe that Christmas is a beautiful festival, and will bring good luck to people. People like to make beautiful things based on Christmas. Like Golmate Enterprise Ltd, we will make a lot of beautiful designs of vacuum airpot, vacuum flask, vacuum coffee mug and vacuum bottle for our clients. Wish you will like it. May you a brilliant and happy Christmas season and hope things are going all right with you.
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  • News on China-US Trade War

    News on China-US Trade War

    December 15th, Xinhua News Agency Beijing announced the results of the recent consultations between China and the United States on economic and trade issues, in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China, the Foreign Trade Law of the People's Republic of China, and the Import and Export Tariff Regulations of the People's Republic of China, Basic principles of international law, the Tariff Commission of the State Council has decided that for some imported goods originally originating in the United States, tariffs will be levied starting at 12:01 on December 15th. For the time being, 10% and 5% tariffs will not be levied. U.S. autos and parts continue to suspend tariffs. In addition to the above measures, other tariff collection measures against the United States and Canada continue to be implemented in accordance with regulations, and the elimination of tariff collection products from the United States and Canada continues.   Until today, we have not received any official tariff announcement on the US side. China hopes to work with the United States on the basis of equality and mutual respect to properly resolve each other's core concerns and promote the stable development of Sino-US economic and trade relations.   Warm tips: The U.S. customers need to keep an eye on changes in U.S. tariff, as insulation products are included in the U.S. tax increase list. HS code 961700. It contains vacuum airpot, vacuum coffee pot, vacuum flask, vacuum bottles and vacuum tumbler. 
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  • Golmate New Coffee Jug-Irene

    Golmate New Coffee Jug-Irene

    Golmate Enterprises is fully capable of taking customers' ideas and turning into a product in a short period of time. A robust and efficient process is to insure the joint success of our customers' product line. Recently, people around the world like the wood factors. We respect the design of all of our clients and make our product involve in it. Now we are working on a new style of coffee jug.  Here comes our new vacuum coffee jug Irene!. Irene is made of Food grade PP material, with rotary sealing pot lid, push-type switch design, easy to use and labor-saving. Penguin spout make the water pouring smoothly, no spills to prevent burns, more secure The wood handle design makes it much attractive, comfortable to use and easy to pour water. The bottom of the pot is made of matte, non-slip and wear-resistant, and more quality. One-click press to pour water, easy to press, convenient and safe. Wish you will like our new vacuum coffee jug Irene.
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  • Golmate Happy party

    Golmate Happy party

    We like to party! Companies does not only work, but also need entertainment to enrich our lives.We need work and rest. To relieve work pressure,relaxing and improve team cohesion,We held a very interesting home party on November 14th.Everyone enjoyed the party very much! In order to provide members of the company with an opportunity to familiar with each other, understand each other and communicate with each other. Let members enhance friendship through family gatherings, increase tacit understanding, ,Increase the sense of belonging and play enthusiasm and passion in the big family of the company. Promote the company's production and management work, harmonious and healthy development   In home party,here are KTV, game consoles, billiards, movies, mahjong and other entertainment facilities to meet your different interests and hobbie.Of course, there are many delicious snacks,you can replenish your energy when you rest.   Although the event time is only a short day, through this event, the distance between the employees has been brought closer, the friendship between the employees has been deepened, the team's cohesiveness has been improved, and everyone has gained more in the aftermath of the intense work. Good relaxation allows employees to fully appreciate the richness of corporate culture and to find a sense of belonging, so that employees can be more passionate about their work in next year!
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