• Halloween Water Bottle

    Halloween Water Bottle

    Everybody love Halloween! We love any excuse to dress up and party in our home or in the street! Time to start on costume, but in the meantime, do not forget to dress up other things on our Halloween party. Have you planned an absolutely spook-tacular Halloween party but are finding yourself coming up short on water bottle options that fit the Halloween theme? No Halloween party is complete without some cute water bottles. We know everyone is in a time crunch when it comes to hosting a Halloween party. From the moment you find this halloween themed water bottle, it will never bother you again. Golamte’s Halloween theme Water Bottle could meet your Halloween dress up dream. Different types of water bottle with Halloween color and picture on it, combie with your“Bat’s Blood, Magic Potion, Witches Brew, Zombie Juice and Snake Venom”, these will push your Halloween party to a new climax.  High quality water bottle body, with mature spray technology, not only meet your decorative needs, but also show your unique taste. You can use these for parties to go along with your Halloween snacks, bring them to work or your child’s classroom to get in the Halloween spirit or even hand them out to trick-or-treaters to wash down all that candy. These water bottles can also be used after Halloween, and even appear at your next Halloween party. One purchase can meet your needs for many years. You can choose our existing Halloween water bottle style, or you can provide your unique Halloween pattern to customize your own Halloween water bottle. Do not hesitate contact us to prepare for your next Halloween party!
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  • Canton fair booth 4.1A15-16 (Oct 23-27th, 2019)

    Canton fair booth 4.1A15-16 (Oct 23-27th, 2019)

    Thanks for your visiting our booth 4.1A15-16 during canton fair (23-27th Oct),  we always like to sharing good ideas or experience with our customers. And this time, we exhibited hot sales vacuum jugs, air pot, travel mug, also with some new mold flask and food to go sets.  The fair was successfully, we gathered all kinds of nice suggestion for our items, and we enjoy every meeting with our customers. For those items that selected from our booth, we will try our best to send out all of the email and quotation within the next week, thanks for your attention. And if there are anything that we could assist more, just feel free to let us know. Looking forward to our next starting with you soon, and keep in touch.
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  • Golmate Team Building

    Golmate Team Building

    2019/9/20-2019/9/21, Golmate company had their Team Building in Foshan training center. Golmate team building is a process that develops cooperation and teamwork within a work unit. To constitute an effective team, our members must share a common goal, have respect for each other, and be motivated to use the strengths of each member to achieve our objectives. Current corporate philosophy stresses that each member of a team plays an integral part in the success of the company. In the team building, we were separated into 2 teams to achieve the certain objectives. We need to finish 6 tasks by teamwork. And we had score for each task. Before the beginning of the task, we need to discuss with the teammates how to finish it faster and how we can make it in a better way. It made us strongly work together. After the task, no matter which team was the winner, we need to discuss with the teammates to make a conclusion. How we won the game? If it is part of our work, what we should to to make it better? The loser also needs to think how we lose this game and how to go over it next time. We even need to cook our supper in the train center by ourselves. Fortunately, we have several workmates cook every day.  They are really outstanding cook. What a delicious meal we had! Team-building exercises were fun and engaging for everyone of us, the main benefit of team building is to build trust among team members. It has the knock-on effect of improving communication and morale, and revealing strengths and leadership qualities that we did not realize we had . Golmate is a key manufacturer in quality thermal wares,Our range of products include vacuum flask, water bottle, coffee, airpot, etc. Contact us if you're interested.
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  • 126th Canton Fair Invitation

    126th Canton Fair Invitation

    China Import and Export Fair (also known as the Canton Fair), is established in 1957, which is held every spring and autumn. The Fair boasts an exhibition area of 1.18 million m² per session, with 150,000 exhibit varieties in 16 industries, and the number of exhibitors from home and abroad stands at nearly 25,000. In each session, about 200,000 buyers attend the Fair from more than 210 countries and regions all over the world. Golmate Enterprise has been the exhibitor of Canton Fair for over 10 years. Every year, we would like to bring our new designs of vacuum airpot, vacuum flask, vacuum jug, vacuum mug, tumbler and coffee pot, etc. We are happy to meet our friends from all over the world. We try to know the requirement of our clients in the fair, and see what we can do to help their business. Canton Fair is not just a fair, it is also a great platform to exchange for us. Our booth number is 4.1A15-16. Welcome to join us. The date is October 23-27th , The picture is the invitation with design of our booth. You won’t miss it. Look forwards to meet you in the canton fair.
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