• Our employee birthday party

    Our employee birthday party

    Today, a birthday party was held in the Golmate Enterprise Ltd sales office, to celebrate the birthday for Miss Michelle Yang, the QC manager of our company. Miss Michelle Yang is the most senior QC in our company. She is in charge of QC job of most of the important orders. She is very familiar with the vacuum airpot, vacuum jug, vacuum flask and sport bottles, etc. We are proud of her for her professionalism.  We well prepared for the day. A beautiful birthday cake and beautiful present made Miss Michelle Yang as happy as a child. The most important thing is that we can spend the day together. Happy birthday to our great QC, Michelle, Thanks you to be our strong backup in these 10 years.
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  • 2019 Golmate Team Building Activities in August

    2019 Golmate Team Building Activities in August

    2019 Golmate Team Building Activities in August In order to enhance the loyalty and trust of employees and management to the company,Golmate will hold a group building activity every month. The theme of team building activities in August is Trueman Room Escape,also known as TAKAGISM, which is a puzzle adventure game. The main content of the game is that the human is trapped in a room where the door is locked. If you want to escape, you need to open every door inside to get out.  Rely on the details, reasoning, and the use of various props,every group  completed the great escape mission! The group building activity is not only a simple physical training activity, but its more important role is to deeply understand the relationship between individuals and individuals, individuals and organizations, individuals and nature, and explore their potential through experiential exploration.  , thus creating a positive outlook on life, while enhancing employee loyalty and honor to the company. Golmate is a key manufacturer in quality thermal wares,Our range of products include vacuum flask, water bottle, coffee, airpot, etc. Contact us if you're interested.
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  • August Market Survey

    August Market Survey

    We insist on quality first is our goal ,GOLMATE  keep learning the new technical of vacuum flask and coffee jug  ,every quarter we visiting the factory and cooperation partner at home and abroad .This time we go to Zhejiang factory ,from the factory staff ,a lot of raw material stock ,and production machinery to know the enterprise ‘s culture and ability .   From this business trip to learn the market ,we know more flask body design technical ,which is newest technical and fashion design ,we survey and develop them to our customers and cooperation partners .we know how to make the best product and save the production fee ,increase the working effective and service to all .   Keep both party benefit is very important of long term cooperation business .GOLMATE  will be your best partner.
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  • Indoor Bowling Activities

    Indoor Bowling Activities

    On hot summer July,We ,Golmate, hold a indoor Bowling Activities. For most of us which is not familiar with this sports. But this is absolutely a good way to relax. it does not need to have too many complicated skills to play it. We gain lots of fun and our colleague with even a moderate skill can throw a bowling ball then knock over pins right and enjoy.One of our colleague said these pins are really like our cola bottle ,we could play in the office .i agree! i think it could be workable and play in our leisure time . Actually ,play bowling is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, it helps in promoting weight loss and works muscle groups not usually exercised . especially good for us which working in office all day.Apart from the physical benefits, it strengthens our colleague’s friendships and improves the interactivity. As we always say:work hard, play hard and make sure  your time is working for you.expect for our next activity !
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