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Beautiful And Practical Coffee Cup, How to Buy?

Beautiful And Practical Coffee Cup, How to Buy?

In the past two years, more and more environmentally conscious cafes will provide some "green discounts" to encourage guests to bring their own coffee cups (travel mugs) to minimize the waste of disposable cups. This new consumption model allows us to save money and express a little goodwill to our earth home.

Now there are many brands and styles of travel mugs on the market. If you have difficulty in choosing, you might as well take a look at today's article, which may help you choose a travel mug with both functionality and design.

1. Material selection: Generally speaking, the biggest key for the travel mug to keep the beverage delicious comes from its heat preservation and cold preservation effect. This has a lot to do with its selection of materials and design structure. Moreover, the travel mug of some materials is not suitable for coffee, tea, and other drinks. After a long time, it will still leave an indelible smell.

Generally speaking, from the perspective of thermal insulation and cold insulation, stainless steel travel mug and double glass travel mug are good choices.

2. Size and capacity: we buy the travel mug for the convenience of drinking on the way, but the larger the size, the better. If you don't finish the drink in time, the flavor will decay greatly over time. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the capacity you can drink in a short time.

For specific capacity, we can use the cup size in the cafe as a reference. For example, the small cup is about 240ml, the medium cup is about 350ml, and the large cup is about 470ml. You can buy as many cups as you usually drink.

3. Stability: of course, the travel mug is mainly carried around. Especially when we need to go out or exercise for a long time, it is particularly important whether the intimate travel mug is stable and whether the drinks inside are not easy to overturn.

We might as well pay more attention to the design details and sealing performance of the travel mug, such as whether there is anti reinforcement at the cup mouth, whether there is a special cup cover, and whether there is a design that is not easy to turn over.

4. Easy to clean: the travel mug is not disposable, so we should consider whether it is convenient to clean. If we like to hold drinks such as coffee or tea, and the amount of activities is not too large, it is recommended to use glass or ceramic materials. This kind of material is easy to clean, and there is no need to worry about the residual smell.

In addition, if we often use the travel mug, it is recommended to choose the cup type with largemouth and easy disassembly, so that it is easier to take care of.