Are plastic bottles safe to use? 2020-08-18

Many people aware that plastic bottles are harmful to the environment and human’s health. You must heard that most of the plastic products contain BPA which has a great impact on human’s body. And you may have seen BPA logo advertised on different kinds of products. And some products even are labeled as BPA free.

What is BPA?

So what exactly is BPA? Is that really matters? Or is it a trick that merchants use to devalue one kind of product and praise the other kind of product? BPA is the abbreviation of Bisphenol A, a chemical that is used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, high performance, heat resistant material that is widely applied in a range of products like food containers, drinkware, medical devices, etc. Epoxy resins is a material that used to create daily  necessities including electrical equipment, coatings and so on.

Should I worry about BPA?

BPA is sealed into the products’ material and coating. Eventually, the BPA will separate and breaks free, then enter into your food and beverages. That’s why many people are concerning about the safety of BPA material.

BPA can imitate the body’s hormones and interfere with the production, function of natural hormones. Additionally, research has demonstrated that BPA has effect on fertility problems, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. Therefore, more and more consumers has realized that the exposure to BPA has become a growing concern.

How can I avoid BPA?

First, you’d better avoid package foods. Try and eat more fresh food instead of canned foods and foods packaged in plastic containers. Secondly, use BPA free products. Buy stainless steel water bottles or drink from glass bottles, which prevent you from worrying about BPA emission. Thirdly, choose BPA free brands. When purchasing kitchenware or drinkware, try to choose brands that are 100% BPA free and the logo should be labeled on the packaging.

Are Golmate bottles BPA free?

Golmate, as a leading drinkware and kitchenware supplier with over 20-year history, we promises all products are food-grade safety and BPA free. All products have undergone strict tests before shipment and are global certified. We insist on using the premium material and ensure that all the products not only can last a long time but also are extremely safe to use.