Best stainless steel water bottle for cycling 2020-06-24

Bike sales boom during lockdown in many American cities, as COVID-19 pandemic shrinks life and restricts use of public transport. Millions of people choose one of the most basic forms of mobility: the bicycle. Bike sales increase dramatically as people look for ways to get outside and to commute safely .

According to a research company N.P.D. Group, nationwide sales of bicycles nearly doubled compared with the same period last year in March. Sales of commuter and fitness bikes increased 66%, adult leisure bikes were up 121%, and children’s bikes rose 59% .

By the end of April, many stores had sold out low-end consumer bikes. The United States is facing a bicycle shortage now as global supply chains disrupted by the pandemic outbreak.

Keeping hydrated is very important during cycling. On long rides, it is easy to become dehydrated if you are not taking enough water which can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches, dizziness. In order to stay properly hydrated, you need a large size water bottle to be your best riding partner. The bottle must have good insulation function and easy to handle which can keep your water the most ideal temperature to drink.

Therefore, we highly recommend this Golmate Bike Bottle. The double walled structure with 18/8 premium stainless steel liner keeps water hot and cold for 12 hours. It can be operated with one hand and easy to open. With leak-proof design, you do not have to worry about leaking whilst your ride.

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