• How to chrismas wrap a bottle 29-11-2019
    We’re all pleased to receive gifts that have been wrapped with thought and care. Everyone likes to receive a gift, especially if it’s been wrapped with obvious thought and care. A water bottle is a trusty Christmas gift for most, and there is always at least one to wrap during the festive season. Cylinder bottles might not be the easiest shape to wrap, but a few easy tips can elevate a simple offe...
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  • 1.9L penguin air pot introduce 18-10-2019
    We,Golamte are committed to develop the diversity of our products .while our product designer has been focusing on the combination of fashion and practicality of products . and the most importantly ,insist quality first is our goal.which makes customer accept our design and keep ordering . Here i would like to introduce a lovely air pot ,which like a penguin a lot .but it could be make in PP or me...
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  • Do you know how to buy a good insulation products? 28-08-2019
    Shopping tips 1. Don't just look at the weight. Most people think that the heavier the insulation products, the better quality and the better insulation effect. In fact, this view is wrong. The reason why the product is heavy mainly because the manufacturer adds something such as a magnetic sheet to the magnet for water quality, this product is also a health product, and it is definitely not a ins...
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  • mini flasks introduction 23-08-2019
    With the development of high economy ,morden peopel more and more pursuit high level life .this month we introduce one of new product , mini flask ,it quite popular in Europe ,Japan and Korean market .full 304 stainless steel material for inner liner and outer body ,colorful design ,mini shape ,gift box packing ,high level inner liner artwork ,high standard quality and longer time for keep cold an...
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  • Stop Plastic pollution 12-07-2019
    Several months ago, a US explorer found a plastic bag and a pile of candy wrappers in the deepest known point in the earth’s Oceans.How shocking to know about the news. That’s means there is nowhere on this planet plastic waste cannot reach. Every day,we produce the plastic waste,the plastic waste kills life in the oceans and on the land.Filling in their sto...
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  • Are you a environment protector? 24-06-2019
    Do you want to have fresh air? Do like trees? Do you love clean water? From 2020, Eruo / North America Government prohibit people use paper cup or other one- time use plastic cups.Are you a Environment protector? Do you want to be one member of them? A termo mug can help you you to save environment. Golmate’s termo mug, food grade material , pass FDA,Cali Pro 65 & LFGB, can be your daily parne...
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  • Christmas Server on Christmas Eve 19-06-2019
    Jingle Bells ! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way! Oh, What fun it is to ride in a one horse open slegiht! Jingle Bells ! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way~~~~~(Music on street) Isabela received a nice parcel from her friend as Chrsitamas gift on Christmas Eve.When she came out of her office, everyone looked at her hand, she read envious in their eyes. What a elexcent server, nice body , fantasty for...
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  • 2019 Stainless Steel Double Wall Thermos Products 15-04-2019
    At Golmate, we understand your needs, and we care about our customers. we got our reputation as one of the best thermos suppliers in the world by having a strong dedication to quality and responsibility; our own state-of-the art on-site thermal wares factory which is BSCI audited. We launched out all kinds of vacuum jug, vacuum flask, vacuum air pot, water jar, mug and other vacuum ware. Our mainl...
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