Do you know how to buy a good insulation products? 2019-08-28
Shopping tips
1. Don't just look at the weight. Most people think that the heavier the insulation products, the better quality and the better insulation effect. In fact, this view is wrong. The reason why the product is heavy mainly because the manufacturer adds something such as a magnetic sheet to the magnet for water quality, this product is also a health product, and it is definitely not a insulation product, because the real insulation product is generally Insulated by vacuum.
2, Depends on whether the vacuum product is a real vacuum, because everyone knows that the air has a certain thermal conduction, and in the vacuum state, the temperature will not be transmitted, so the insulation effect of the vacuum product is good, the most important one point is to look at its vacuum level. The easiest way to identify the degree of vacuum is to pour hot water into the insulation product. After a while, touch the insulation product and the bottom . The lower temperature, the better insulation and insulation effect.

How to maintain insulation products?
1. When not in use for a long time, the liner should be kept dry.
2. To prevent the formation of odor or stains, use a neutral detergent solution and thoroughly dry it after use.
3, Long-term use caused by difficult to clean tea stains or dirt, can be washed with warm water diluted white vinegar soaked for half an hour to fully clean.
4, Please avoid falling, collision or strong impact, otherwise it will cause product deformation and affect the use of functions.
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