How much water should we drink every day? 2021-03-31

Water is an indispensable element of our body. Drinking water through the day is an important habit to develop. That means many people will always take a bottle of water along and drink more than our body needs. People always drink when they feel thirsty, but we also need to keep hydrated when we are not thirsty. Golmate is going to share some tips about how much water we should drink per day.

1. Drink approximately 300ml of 30℃ water after waking up. Waking up in the morning is a key time in a day for our body to rehydrate.

2. Drink 30 minutes before having a meal. The digestion and absorption of food after entering the intestines depend on digestive juices secreted by the human body. Therefore drinking before having meals is beneficial to the secretion of digestive juices. That is conducive for the human body to absorb nutrients from food.

3. Drink before going to bed. If you are a person who keeps a normal daily routine and goes to sleep before 10 or 11 o'clock, you can try to drink a cup of water 30 minutes before sleeping. Because three to five in the middle of the night is the time when human blood secretes requires water, it is essential to drink a cup of water before going to bed.

4. Drink before and while bathing. Bathing for a long time will dehydrate our body. It is healthier and safer to drink before bathing and rehydrate when bathing.

Water is calorie-free and it is the healthiest choice for keeping hydrated and healthy. Don't forget always take a bottle of water along in daily life.

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