How much weight can a Golmate stianless steel water bottle's handle hold? 2020-08-14

After years of research and development, Golmate officially launched its new Hook Flask Series on 2020 June. Because of its multiple usage and humanity design, it attracted many global buyers’ attention. With the handle, the stainless steel water bottle can be easily hung on the bags or on other items and it is convenient to be carried anywhere. Some old customers already placed orders on Golmate Hook Flask after it is introduced, but some new buyers doubted whether the handle is strong and durable enough to hold the water.

Last week, we did a experiment to test how much weight can a Golmate stainless steel water bottles handle hold. A 10KG or a 15KG dumbbell? Is the Golmate bottle handle robust or easy to break? Lets click the video and find the answer.

We can see from the video that the it is easy for a Golmate Hook Flask’s handle to raise a 15KG dumbbell. The bottle in the video is only 1000ml, which only weighs about 1 KG when it’s full of water. Therefore, it is proved that the Golmate Hook Flask handle is completely robust and you don’t have to worry about the breakage at all.

Golmate Hook Flask, a perfect choice for outdoor lovers to stay hydrated. With its multiple usage designs, the bottle cap is not only for protecting the bottle from pollution but also can be used as a small cap. With premium 18/8 stainless steel liner, the bottle is highly against rust and can keep water hot or cold or long hours.

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