How to choose a water bottle with a high-quality push button switch? 2020-07-15

As a water bottle manufacturer, we know that a lot of people would prefer a water bottle with a push button switch which can allow they to drink water directly and conveniently.

And the utility and performance of water bottles' push button switches will greatly affect people’s using experience. Golmate, a bottle supplier with over 20-year manufacturing and export history, we always dedicates in producing premium products to our global buyers. All products must pass strict test before shipping to reach our quality standard.

In the video, there is a life cycle fatigue tester, used to perform cycling of bottles' switches. We use the life cycle fatigue tester which simulate activation of a finger pressing the buttons to examine whether the switch will damage in the set test numbers. Usually, Golmate bottles' buttons need to go through 20,000 switch tests before shipment. That is to say if the switch is used 10 times a day, the water cup can be used for at least 2,000 days.

We highly recommend a travel mug with a high quality press button switch - Golmate 360° Travel Mug. With double wall stainless steel structure, the bottle can keep water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The silicone pad on the bottle surface is highly against sweat. With a press button switch in the middle of the cap, people can drink directly and enjoy drinking freely.

Golmate support OEM, ODM and other custom wholesale service. Besides, we are looking for global distributors, welcome to contact and quote us.

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