How to Deep Clean an Airpot Properly? 2021-04-28

According to the introduction of an airpot from our last blog, airpots can keep beverages fresh and hot for several hours with their vacuum sealed technique. Among so many drinks, coffee is one of the most popular beverages, so it always serves at cafes, cafeteria, hotels, catering businesses, and other occasions with the airpot. Although they don't require regular cleaning, they might be polluted by coffee stains or other residues after long-time use. Further, the residues deposited at the bottom of the airpot make it unsightly, and they may lead to bad tasting. To keep coffee tasting great, we need to clean out the airpot thoroughly at least once a month. Because of their size and how they’re used, it seems a big challenge. Many airpot suppliers won't provide any instructions on cleaning the airpot, but we are Golmate, and we are a trusty supplier.


Turn off the power and pull out the plug if your airpot is powered by electricity. Pour the remaining liquid away and set it aside to cool.


Rinse the liner with hot water and wipe out the loosened debris and residues with a sponge brush. Wash them out with water.


Fill the container with hot water and 2-3 drops of detergent, and wait for 10mins. Wipe the interior wall with the sponge brush and flush the dispenser thoroughly to clean all the deposits.


Fill the airpot with hot water and add two tablespoons of vinegar. Soak for one hour. (Vinegar is a perfect material to erect mineral residues. It can also be applied on stainless steel vacuum jug or other stainless steel products.)


Dispense the liquid out of the spout to clear it away after one hour sit. Open the lid, scrub the inner side with the sponge brush again. Then pour the water out and rinse it once more.


Fill the container with fresh hot water, close the lid, and then dispense them out of the spout to clear the vinegar thoroughly. Pour the water away at last.

These are the proper ways to deep clean the airpot. Besides a deep clean once a week, gently clean it at least once a day is necessary. Golmate airpot can use for a longer time with proper cleaning. We also shared some tips on cleaning wholesale stainless steel cups and tumblers in our blogs. If you have any innovative cleaning ideas, please let us know via E-mail!

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