How to Distinguish a Tumbler and a Travel Mug? 2021-04-30

Plastic-free beverage containers are getting more and more popular in contemporary times. It's easy to tell the differences between water bottles and travel mugs, but tumblers and travel mugs are get mixed up frequently. There are few things out there that seem like they’re the same but are actually very different. Let's find out what they are at first.


Travel mugs reusable insulated beverage containers designed for on-the-go use. Like the Golmate stainless steel travel mug wholesale, they are made with premium materials and manufactured with advanced vacuum-sealed technique, keeping beverages hot and cold for several hours. Most with a sophisticated leak-proof lid to double preserve heat, some also with a handle for easy to carry. They are perfect for commuting, camping, hiking, and travel.

To reduce waste, travel mugs are a great choice to replace plastic bottles. Customers can enjoy coffee, ice water, tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages freely.


Most tumblers are made of BPA-free plastic and come with a straw, but some are stainless steel or aluminum, like the Golmate wholesale stainless steel tumbler. They are also fit to contain all kinds of beverages but typically filled with cold drinks, such as iced water or tea, soda, smoothies, summer cocktails, and so on. For structure, tumblers equip with a wide mouth - easy to clean and add ice cubes - and a narrow bottom. Most of their lids are transparent and plastic with a hole to plug in the straw.

Tumbler cups are also handy and trendy for outdoor activities, like a picnic in the park or on the beach. Golmate also helps to design personalized water bottles, so do tumblers.


Although they look familiar with each other, there still have some differences.

1. The handle: Travel mugs might have handles while tumblers haven't. Some travel mugs are manufactured with a handle for easy carrying and holding.

2. The shape: Most travel coffee mugs are straight that fits most car holders or are convenient for packing in the bag. However, tumblers are narrower at the bottom, and some of them are designed as arc bases.

3. The lid: Tumbler's lid have a straw hole while travel mugs haven't.

4. Insulation performance: Typically speaking, in the perspective of structures, travel mugs are better at preserving heat than tumbler cups.

No matter travel mugs or tumblers, they are well received by people in all seasons. Golmate provides professional OEM and ODM service to customize your products, and helps you stand out of the market.

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