How to maintain a stainless steel water bottle? 2021-03-25

Nowadays, many people choose reusable water bottles made of stainless steel instead of plastic ones. Not merely because of the versatility of the thermos flask, but also the awareness of green issues. Stainless steel water bottle featured with convenience, insulation performance and personalization, needs to be maintained if you require a good insulation effect and long performance life. Golmate, as a metal water bottles wholesale supplier with 20-year history, we will show you some methods to maintain a stainless steel water bottle so that prolong its performance life.

1. A new thermos vacuum flask should be cleaned with boiled water and stay in for a while.

2. Avoid falling, collision, or strong impact (vacuum effect may fail if the outer metal is damaged).

3. Do not lose the switch cover washer and other accessories during use and do not sterilize the lid at a high temperature for protecting the sealing effect.

4. Do not fill with dry ice, carbonated drinks and other liquids which are easy to produce high pressure. Do not add soy sauce soup and other liquids containing salt to avoid corrosion of the cup body.

5. Drink and clean the perishable drinks such as milk as soon as possible to avoid corrosion of the inner liner after deterioration.

6. Clean bottles regularly. Please use neutral detergent and warm water, do not use alkaline bleach chemical reagents and other strong cleaning agents when cleaning.

Last but not least, we should choose reliable or branded water bottles in the first place. Stainless steel water bottles provided by Golmate are made of 18/8(304) professional stainless steel which is the best material for a water bottle. We satiate your needs and improve your life. Golamte, your trusty custom water bottle supplier.

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