Is it safe to drink stainless steel bottles? 2020-07-27

Is it safe to drink stainless steel bottles? Are stainless steel water bottles good? These questions are always asked by people. Steel, plastic and glass, which material is the best? The answers of the matter is that they have different advantages and disadvantages.

Stainless steel bottles have a number of pros and cons. Typically, they are more reusable than glass or plastic bottles because they are anti corrosion and 100% recyclable. So they are generally more expensive than plastic, as the cost to produce them is higher. The best option for selecting stainless steel water bottles is food grade 304 or 18/8, which means there are 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Glass is another option when choosing water bottles. Every beverage tastes better out of a glass container, but the glass is more vulnerable and fragile and less likely to last a long time compared to other materials. In addition, the cost of a glass water bottle is much higher than other materials.

Plastic bottles seem to be the most popular reusable water bottle because of its economic prices. They can be produced in a lower budget than stainless steel and glass, which makes them attractive for consumers. However, the recycling rate of some plastics is very low and the life cycles are short. Most importantly, some toxic substances may be found in plastic bottles, such as BPA.

In conclusion, stainless steel water bottles may be the best choice for people who want a durable and economic bottle. And Golmate is absolutely a ideal brand when choosing a stainless steel bottles.