Stop Plastic pollution 2019-07-12

Several months ago, a US explorer found a plastic bag and a pile of candy wrappers in the deepest known point in the earth’s Oceans.How shocking to know about the news. That’s means there is nowhere on this planet plastic waste cannot reach.

Every day,we produce the plastic waste,the plastic waste kills life in the oceans and on the land.Filling in their stomachs which make them cannot eat,or winding around their bodies so that they cannot pollutes the earth ,water .what’s more,the plastic micro-particles also join the water cycle and enter the bodies of the the top of the food pyramid,plastic micro-particles accumulate inside our bodies in the end.Somewhat ironically,we are paying for our behavior.

Therefore ,we are now must reducing to use the disposable products to change the situation .we, Golmate is also spending our own effort to develop more durable , fashionable and eco-friendly Stainless steel products. Ournew”food to go “set --urban mug ,Stainless Steel lunch box which get a good feedback from our customer .

We will adhere to the environmental protection principle and keep on create more new product.please look forward to!

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