Things to Consider When Choosing the Airpot 2021-05-28

An airpot is designed to maintain a constant temperature, keeping coffee or other beverages hot for hours without losing their original flavor. The varied market demands lead the market diversification more and more airpot suppliers pop up during this section. When choosing an airpot for your business, there are several elements to consider.

First of all, the type of airpot you should think it over. Push-button and lever airpot are the most common and popular types of choice. As the name suggests, a push-button airpot is equipped with a big button on the lid for pushing down to dispense beverages, while the lever airpot has a top handle for pressing.

Secondly, in terms of its insulation materials, you have the option to choose between a glass liner or a stainless steel airpot. Stainless steel is now widely used in the drinkware industry, including thermal mugs wholesale, sports water bottle wholesale, and other thermal products. Golmate's stainless steel thermal products are food-grade, BPA-free, and lead-free, which allow us to rest assured to use. They feature durability but costly. Generally speaking, glass liner airpots present a better insulation performance and less expensive, but they break more easily.

Thirdly, usage scenarios and requirements. Airpots are always the best choice for restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, or catered events. You also need to browse through their sizes, capacities, and colors.

Fourth, pros and cons. Compared with other drinkware, airpots can keep beverages warm and stay fresh for a longer period. Due to their electricity-free, they are portable and save space on any occasion. Moreover, their closed top and anti-splash design assure security when using. Yet every coin has two sides airpot cannot be the best choice in some cases. If they dropped too hard or too many times, stainless steel-lined airpots may damage their vacuum seal, and the insulation performance will be affected too. Similarly, glass-lined airpots can break in this condition. Further, they are opaque, which means guests or servers can be hard to identify if there's any content.

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