• How to chrismas wrap a bottle 29-11-2019
    We’re all pleased to receive gifts that have been wrapped with thought and care. Everyone likes to receive a gift, especially if it’s been wrapped with obvious thought and care. A water bottle is a trusty Christmas gift for most, and there is always at least one to wrap during the festive season. Cylinder bottles might not be the easiest shape to wrap, but a few easy tips can elevate a simple offe...
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  • Golmate Hook Flask 04-03-2020
    Stay Hydrated on the Move with the Hook Flask Water Bottle If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times, “Drink More Water!” From your mom to your doctor to your trainer at the gym, everyone is advising to imbibe as much H2O as possible. And for good reason, as water is quite possibly the most important thing you need to put into your body every single day. If you’re exercising or have...
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  • How can people stay fit at home during COVID-19 pandemic? 15-05-2020
    Before global pandemic, many people do workout in a nearby park or in a gym. But home quarantine changes people’s lifestyles and forces them to spend long periods of time at home. Today, we’d like to share how people can stay fit at home. An effective home workout activities usually has five components: A warmup. A aerobic workout. Strength-building exercises. Flexibility moves. A c...
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  • How to choose a stainless steel vacuum bottle? 22-05-2020
    Why should you choose a stainless steel vacuum bottle? If you want to live a more eco-friendly and healthy life style, you should choose a stainless steel water bottle, which is more durable and long-lasting, instead of a plastic bottle.More importantly, bottles with stainless steel material can maintain the temperature for a long time.They can keep you favorite beverage hot or your beer cold for ...
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  • 5 Ways to Keep your Stainless Steel Water Bottles Clean 29-05-2020
    Nowadays, many people replace their plastic water bottles and be aware of the advantages of stainless steel water bottles. People begin to realize the importance of the materials and be afraid of absorbing any more toxicity from plastic. If you buy a brand new bottle and are excited to take your first sip make sure to wash every corner with warm soapy water at first. Then you c...
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  • Common misunderstandings about stainless steel bottles 15-06-2020
    With people’s increasing concerns of health, they begin to realize the importance of bottle materials and be afraid of absorbing any more toxicity from plastic. Stainless steel water bottle has become a daily necessities for every household.In addition,because of its reusable and anti-rust qualities, it is also advocated by environmentalists. However, some experts have recently pointed out that ma...
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  • Best stainless steel water bottle for cycling 24-06-2020
    Bike sales boom during lockdown in many American cities, as COVID-19 pandemic shrinks life and restricts use of public transport. Millions of people choose one of the most basic forms of mobility: the bicycle. Bike sales increase dramatically as people look for ways to get outside and to commute safely . According to a research company N.P.D. ...
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  • How to choose a water bottle with a high-quality push button switch? 15-07-2020
    As a water bottle manufacturer, we know that a lot of people would prefer a water bottle with a push button switch which can allow they to drink water directly and conveniently. And the utility and performance of water bottles' push button switches will greatly affect people’s using experience. Golmate, a bottle supplier with over 20-year manufacturing and export history, we always dedicates in pr...
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  • Is it safe to drink stainless steel bottles? 27-07-2020
    Is it safe to drink stainless steel bottles? Are stainless steel water bottles good? These questions are always asked by people. Steel, plastic and glass, which material is the best? The answers of the matter is that they have different advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel bottles have a number of pros and cons. Typically, they are more reusable than glass or...
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