What is an Airpot? 2021-04-21

Sometimes we fill a cup of coffee from a machine in the canteen or cafeteria, did it occur to you that the machine outflow beverages without electricity? An airpot is a beverage dispenser with a glass or stainless steel internal liner designed to keep tea, water, coffee, or other drinks warm in a vacuum insulated chamber and dispense them without wasting electricity. Golmate, as a professional airpot supplier, will show you all about the airport.

First of all, the key to how airpot works without using electricity is the pump and lever. Let's take a look at the essential components of the airpot pump: lever pump, the bellows, the suction pipe, and the spout. In order to draw fluid up a tube from the central reservoir and out through the spout, there are two different methods to actualize: pump-action and lever action. Under the combined action of air and pressure, beverages are able to outflow smoothly. With their advanced pump mechanism, they are convenient to carry away or in temporary locations such as meeting rooms and formal receptions.

While using the airpot to serve a beverage, just simply hold a cup or a glass under the dispensing spout and press on the pump — either a button or a lever. A large pot of coffee, or tea, or water can be prepared ahead and then fill in the airpot for guests to make their instant drinks. And there's no need to worry about the temperature thanks to Golmate's advanced thermal insulation technique with its double-walled construction, keeping beverages hot up to 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Every single airpot is manufactured elaborately with premium stainless steel that is incredibly durable and food-safe. With its vacuum technique, beverages are kept fresh and at an appropriate temperature inside, and the airpot stays cool to touch from the exterior, protecting customers from the risk of getting burned.

Although using similar technology to vacuum flasks, airpots have larger capacity and are more suitable for serving at the canteen, outdoor events, or other formal occasions. They are also combined with a corresponding drip tray to prevent spilling and messes. To provide better service to customers, Golmate's drip tray customizes a compartment for storing tea bags, stirrers and, other necessaries.

If you are looking for a water bottle supplier, Golmate serves with branded water bottles, advanced techniques, and customization. A good airpot adds brilliance to your business, and a good supplier helps you realize your goals.