What is the easiest way to test the quality of a stainless steel water bottle? 2020-07-31

What is the easiest way to test the quality of a stainless steel water bottle

Many water bottle brands claim that their bottles are capable to contain 1 L water. Is that really the truth? Last week I did a experiment to compare a Golmate’s stainless steel water bottle and another brand’s stainless steel water I bought from the market. Let’s see what makes Golmate bottles distinguish from others.

First of all, it is very clear to see that there is no significant difference between the two water bottles from the appearance. As you can see from the picture, the left one is another brand’s bottle while the right one is ours. Let’s take off the bottle cap, we can see they have different screw thread. But there is no good or bad between different screw threads, the designs and styles are just up to people’s preference.

We can see the net weight of a Golmate water bottle without cap is 516 g while that of the other brand is 453g. After I fill the bottles, we can see from the machine that the net weigh of Golmate water bottle is 1498, while the other is 1346 g. Then I pour out the water in Golmate bottle and fill it again with the water from the other brand. We can see the water is not filled which indicates that the real capacity of the other brand is not 1 L.

Few people know the little trick in water bottle industry, but a little detail can make a big difference. Maybe some people think it is not a big deal that the actual capacity is inconsistent with the described capacity. But one little detail can identify quality and tell the sincerity of a brand.

Choose Golmate, choose your trusty partner.