What Makes A Good Lunch Boxes? 2021-04-14

With the sunny day comes around, many people start planning on having a picnic or camping. When the sun shines on the grass, enjoying a delicacy with family and friends is one of the happiest moments in the world. But what keeps your meal fresh and delicious after long-time storage? For health reasons, lunch boxes are the best choice for most people. With the right food container, you can take food anywhere, and they still stay fresh. To help find one that meets your needs, it’s necessary to know what makes a good lunch box.


18/8 (304) Stainless steel is the preferred material for thermal products. 18/8 Food-grade stainless steel is commonly used within the food and drink industry, such as stainless steel vacuum jug, sports water bottle, and airpot supplier, etc. It eliminates rust, corrosion, and metal odors because the 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel reinforce the strength and durability. In this case, it is able to let dishes present original and fresh. Asides from its ability to maintain freshness, most manufacturers will apply stainless steel on the liner and the outer case for better insulating performance. However, the vacuum sealing technique is ubiquitous in other materials like glass and plastic, which are also the common lunch box materials. But glass is away heavier, and plastic is not green.


Food thermal containers have two forms: bento box and regular box. Bento box mainly aims for solid food, and the regular one is for both solid and liquid such as soup. They are both equipped with a sealing mechanism to prevent spills. For example, a twist-on lid can screw down with the bottle tightly, and an extra rubber or silicone loop will additionally keep food safe and further spill protection.

Food Safety

We will not suggest store food for more than 8 hours for health reasons. But if the food is exposed to the container for a long time, it requires absolutely security to prevent bacteria and food spoilage. Thus, a good lunch box should undergo all kinds of safety tests and reach global standards, possessing certifications such as LFGB, FDA, REACH, DGCCRF, EN12546, etc.

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