• How can people stay fit at home during COVID-19 pandemic? 15-05-2020
    Before global pandemic, many people do workout in a nearby park or in a gym. But home quarantine changes people’s lifestyles and forces them to spend long periods of time at home. Today, we’d like to share how people can stay fit at home. An effective home workout activities usually has five components: A warmup. A aerobic workout. Strength-building exercises. Flexibility moves. A c...
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  • Golmate Diamond-shaped Colorful Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw LID 09-05-2020
    Owning a Golmate Stainless Steel Tumbler means your coffee will be hot, your iced tea will be icey and your style will be on trend! What’s a Stainless Steel Tumbler? Here are the key features: Vacuum Insulated: Modern colorful tumblers are double walled and vacuum insulated, which keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold for hours. Stainless Steel Lids: Relax & Enjoy your f...
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  • ISABELLA----1.0L Coffee Jug 29-04-2020
    Golmate Enterprise provide innovative product design and development to help customer to set apart in the market.Our design isn’t determined by short-lived fads but rather modern design that will stand the test of time. Our Isabella--one classic Europe fashionable coffee jug which loved by our customer. Unique design,High quality,our product LFGB &FDA approved,BPA free. Body :metal printing or...
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  • Special Offer for hot sell item 17-04-2020
    Golamte has been committed to deliver top-quality thermal products to customers . By controlling the quality and costs from our own airpot and flask factory -  we could pass the savings on to you. In the last 2019,we created good sales performance .2019 Turnover is more than 15 millions. Guess which one is our best selling product ?According to our statistics, here we would like to share the ...
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  • GOLMATE BENTO BOX 13-03-2020
    No plastic. No leaks. Plus, this rugged, long-lasting GOLMATE BENTO BOX stainless steel food container is built to literally take a licking and keep on ticking without dripping. Our plastic-free Bento Box container with its leak-proof ...
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  • Golmate Hook Flask 04-03-2020
    Stay Hydrated on the Move with the Hook Flask Water Bottle If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times, “Drink More Water!” From your mom to your doctor to your trainer at the gym, everyone is advising to imbibe as much H2O as possible. And for good reason, as water is quite possibly the most important thing you need to put into your body every single day. If you’re exercising or have...
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  • How to chrismas wrap a bottle 29-11-2019
    We’re all pleased to receive gifts that have been wrapped with thought and care. Everyone likes to receive a gift, especially if it’s been wrapped with obvious thought and care. A water bottle is a trusty Christmas gift for most, and there is always at least one to wrap during the festive season. Cylinder bottles might not be the easiest shape to wrap, but a few easy tips can elevate a simple offe...
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  • 1.9L penguin air pot introduce 18-10-2019
    We,Golamte are committed to develop the diversity of our products .while our product designer has been focusing on the combination of fashion and practicality of products . and the most importantly ,insist quality first is our goal.which makes customer accept our design and keep ordering . Here i would like to introduce a lovely air pot ,which like a penguin a lot .but it could be make in PP or me...
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  • Do you know how to buy a good insulation products? 28-08-2019
    Shopping tips 1. Don't just look at the weight. Most people think that the heavier the insulation products, the better quality and the better insulation effect. In fact, this view is wrong. The reason why the product is heavy mainly because the manufacturer adds something such as a magnetic sheet to the magnet for water quality, this product is also a health product, and it is definitely not a ins...
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