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With more than 20 years 'experience, Golmate is a key manufacturer in quality  thermal wares.

We have 300 employees, whose annual production capacity could reach 5 million pieces. What we offer is the achievement of an innovative design team and manufacture with best quality guaranteed products.

At Golmate, we understand your needs, and we care about our customers. We gained our reputation as one of the best thermos suppliers all around the world by having a strong dedication to quality and responsibility; our own state-of-the art on-site thermal wares factory which is with BSCI audited. 

 Few, if any, thermos suppliers can back up their products like we can. We have a 20-years impeccable history as key players in the thermal ware market, because we deliver top-quality thermal products to importers and retailers. Thanks to our airpot factory, we can control quality and costs - and pass those savings on to you. You know that you can count on our products, when and where you need them.

How do we stay ahead of other thermos suppliers? To answer this question, let’s take a look at what we offer that other companies either don’t, or can’t give their customers.

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