• Golmate CEO Samuel Yang is Invited to an Interview by Valiant CEO the Magazine

    Golmate CEO Samuel Yang is Invited to an Interview by Valiant CEO the Magazine

    A great move of Golmate! Our CEO Samuel Yang had been invited to the interview with ValiantCEO.  Samuel gives us insight into just how important the designing aspect of a particular product is and further touches upon all the things he has learned during his entrepreneurial journey. He mentioned that Golmate is designed to manufacture practical, simple, and affordable products worldwide. What you care about is what we pursue. Let’s learn a little about you and really get to experience what makes us tick – starting at our beginnings. Where did your story begin? Samuel Yang: Everyone has been through these: the coffee gets cold at about an hour even in a thermal bottle; beverages leak in the bag; clothes get wet when drinking due to the outlet being in an inappropriate size; the cover presses against the nose, making it uncomfortable… Most of these products on the market have more or less the same problems as I mentioned above. There are small parts of them that are good-looking, exquisitely designed, and practical but expensive. They are unaffordable for many average consumers. Because the list price on the market is in a huge difference, several times and even a dozen times, it is generally believed that the cost prices are in the same situation. However, based on the knowledge of engineering design I learned in university, it seems to me that the difference of cost price between the products with no design and poor practicality, and those with fashion outlooking, exquisite designs,  practicability, and high quality is not that exaggerated. Design is the secret. And to design a nice-looking and user-friendly product, identifying the pain points of consumers is the key. The next step is to strengthen the quality control in the production and improve the precision of the mold so that the cost can be reduced and more consumers will be able to buy. It strikes me that everyone needs and should have the right to enjoy the pleasure brought by good products. And that’s how Golmate was found. We hope that every consumer can enjoy the happiness and the joy of life through the product we manufactured. Not only in a lovely, practical, elaborate design but also at an affordable price are what we pursue. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story? Samuel Yang: When I first decided to start my own business, I was young and confused, so I went to many proseminars to look for inspiration. And then I met Joseph at a meeting, a young designer, who had the same views on drinkware designs as I did. We hit it off and set down a style of Golmate: practical, simple, affordable. He always provides a lot of insightful ideas on our designs because he is good at finding bullet points in regular life. Joseph must be the one I am most grateful for. What are the most common mistakes you see entrepreneurs make and what would you suggest they do? Samuel Yang: I would say fickleness. The speed of ...
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  • World Environment Day 2021-Golmate is in Action

    World Environment Day 2021-Golmate is in Action

    World Environment Day was proposed in 1972 by the UNEP. It offers a global platform for waking consciousness in building a balance between nature and humans, inspiring positive change. According to the UNEP, the theme of World Environment Day this year will be "ecosystem restoration" and focus on resetting the relationship between people and nature. We've been exploring and damaging our planet for centuries, resulting in the loss of biological diversity, marine pollution, desertification, climate change, and other natural environmental stresses. This event is an alarm for people: the ecosystem needs to be cured.   Why ecosystem matters to human beings? It offers us the basic supplies for life: oxygen, water, and food. Over the past 50 years, to meet all needs of humans, people have changed the ecosystem more rapidly and widely compared with any time in human history. We took more and more from the ecosystem until the balance between nature and human beings has been broken. It's time to give back. Golmate always cares about the natural environment since we are closely bound up. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality, eco-friendly, and practical drinkware and kitchenware to the public. More than that, Golmate repaying nature by planting trees every year, and we will carry on.    Let's get into action and cure the ecosystem.
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  • Earth Day, Golmate is with You

    Earth Day, Golmate is with You

    22th, April is Earth Day. Although COVID-19 is still spreading rampantly worldwide, occupying all the attention, the necessity and urgency of taking action to tackle the threat of climate haven't changed. Earth Day first took place in 1970 in the United States. Over 20 million people protested for the pollution caused by the oil leak, smoke, and smog, forcing governments to take climate action. Environmental law and related organizations were published and set up for the first time. This remarkable event went out to the world in the 1990s and became a worldwide environmental protecting event. The day continues to hold great significance. People and organizations from different nationalities will disseminate environmental protection concepts and actualize them by practice. In the case of Starbucks, they invite members to join the environmental action: launch the challenge of bringing cups, replanting trees, and create a green space to call on reducing cup wasting. What can we do for our planet? Low-carbon Transportation: Use public transportation, bicycles, walking, and other actions to lower carbon emissions. Water Conservation: Water is the source of our lives and the link that binds all living beings on this planet. Planting Trees: Add more greens to this planet. To be an Environmental Volunteer: Protecting our land by actions. Save Electricity: Turn off lights when leaving. Protect the earth with Golmate, make every day Earth Day.
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  • Golmate's Online Exhibition on Canton Fair 2021

    Golmate's Online Exhibition on Canton Fair 2021

    Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with 64 years of history for now. It is a trade fair with the largest scale, the most complete product variety, the greatest business turnover for suppliers and buyers in China. To against the spread of COVID-19 and out of health reasons,  the 129th Canton Fair is being held online. The online exhibition provides businesses and buyers from all over the world a platform to get in touch and a chance to promote global trade. Golmate held an online exhibition of the Canton Fair on 15th and 16th April. Over ten products were introduced elaborately in the live streaming, including vacuum flask, lunch boxes, tumblers, and coffee jugs. Over 5000 viewers joined us and interact with us.  During the question session, we answered some common questions in trading for the viewers and provided special discounts as an exclusive gift from live streaming. Nothing will stop Golmate and the global trading development. Please put an eye on us and stay tuned, and we will present more for you.
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