• Golmate's Online Exhibition on Canton Fair 2021

    Golmate's Online Exhibition on Canton Fair 2021

    Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with 64 years of history for now. It is a trade fair with the largest scale, the most complete product variety, the greatest business turnover for suppliers and buyers in China. To against the spread of COVID-19 and out of health reasons,  the 129th Canton Fair is being held online. The online exhibition provides businesses and buyers from all over the world a platform to get in touch and a chance to promote global trade.   Golmate held an online exhibition of the Canton Fair on 15th and 16th April. Over ten products were introduced elaborately in the live streaming, including vacuum flask, lunch boxes, tumblers, and coffee jugs. Over 5000 viewers joined us and interact with us.  During the question session, we answered some common questions in trading for the viewers and provided special discounts as an exclusive gift from live streaming.   Nothing will stop Golmate and the global trading development. Please put an eye on us and stay tuned, and we will present more for you.
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  •  Golmate New arrival Urban Mug series is at the site now.

    Golmate New arrival Urban Mug series is at the site now.

    After years of research and development , Golmate finally launched its new Urban Mug series. Compared with previous series, the mug has been improved in many ways. The founder of Golmate- Samuel Yang has been long noticed that many tumblers’ lids will press on people’s nose when drinking water. In order to solve this problem, the designer team added a design that the lid can be fixed at the rim of the cap. As we all know, normal tumblers usually just have one water outlet in the lid, if people add ice cubes into tumblers, the cubes will inevitably block the outlet and influence water flow. Therefore, Golmate designed two holes in the mug lid, one is for filtering and holding cubes, the other is for water flowing out smoothly. When people are outside the home, their hands easily get dirty. Touching the tumbler with dirty hands will affect a person’s mood. Considering this factor, the design team extended the new lid to 15mm so that people can push the lid open with very little effort. And the width of the new lid is almost the same as that of a person’s lower lip which perfectly protects the contact surface and prevent pollution. The mug has two sizes. One is 480ml, the other is 600ml, which satisfy different people’s needs. As a wholesale company, Golmate always support OEM, ODM and other custom service. Over hundreds of colors are available to choose.
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  • Golmate will attend Alibaba 1st online trade show on June 15

    Golmate will attend Alibaba 1st online trade show on June 15 launched its first global online trade show on May 12 to help foreign customers reach suppliers in China after most physical exhibitions have been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The general manager of, said a total of 20 online trade shows would be held and about 1000 cross-border B2B live streamings would be introduced during the exhibition this year to help small and medium-sized enterprises get through the difficulty. claimed its April sales increased 86.3 percent year on year as foreign merchants relied more on the internet to conduct transactions due to the travel and quarantine restrictions amid the global pandemic.The company said it uses big data to achieve “perfect matching” between sellers and buyers, which greatly increased efficiency and success rate. Golmate is going to attend online trade show on June 15. We are going to hold 3 live shows from 16:00 to 19:00 (China time). 9 products will be introduced during the live streaming, including vacuum flasks, tumblers, travel mugs, lunch boxes, vacuum jus and airpots. We provide special discounts and gifts for people attending the online shows. Come and join us at:
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  • China 2020 Canton Fair will be held online for the first time in 63 years

    China 2020 Canton Fair will be held online for the first time in 63 years

    The spring session of China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair) , China’s oldest and largest trade expo,will be held online in mid-June .   The fair, which used to run between mid-April and early May, was postponed over concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. The threat of imported infections, suspension of flights, and the closure of borders made it impossible to host an international fair.   The government’s decision to hold a online exhibition marks the first time that this fair with 63 years history will not held in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, indicating the unprecedented pressure as the pandemic exert significant influence on global trade. Online expo is not only a firm response to the global spread but also a groundbreaking initiative for future development.   Even in the era of e-commerce, the Canton fair, which started in 1957, still remains a major platform for Chinese exporters to introduce their products to buyers from all over the world. The first virtual Canton Fair will create a platform of high quality and specialty products covering 16 major categories, including home appliances, consumer goods, medical and health care. Supported by advanced information technology, the fair will provide 24/7 online services for business negotiations, enabling both exporters and importers to corporate remotely.   In addition, the Canton Fair will set up a cross-border e-commerce zone to explore new possibilities for efficient trade and promote a batch of cross-border e-commerce enterprises. Live stream is also provided for exhibitors to introduce their products to buyers via custom live channels.   Online sale, boosted by preferential policies and livestreaming technology, has already become a irresistible trend in different parts of China despite the economic downturn in the country.
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