Earth Day, Golmate is with You 2021-04-22

22th, April is Earth Day. Although COVID-19 is still spreading rampantly worldwide, occupying all the attention, the necessity and urgency of taking action to tackle the threat of climate haven't changed.

Earth Day first took place in 1970 in the United States. Over 20 million people protested for the pollution caused by the oil leak, smoke, and smog, forcing governments to take climate action. Environmental law and related organizations were published and set up for the first time. This remarkable event went out to the world in the 1990s and became a worldwide environmental protecting event.

The day continues to hold great significance. People and organizations from different nationalities will disseminate environmental protection concepts and actualize them by practice. In the case of Starbucks, they invite members to join the environmental action: launch the challenge of bringing cups, replanting trees, and create a green space to call on reducing cup wasting.

What can we do for our planet?

  1. Low-carbon Transportation: Use public transportation, bicycles, walking, and other actions to lower carbon emissions.
  2. Water Conservation: Water is the source of our lives and the link that binds all living beings on this planet.
  3. Planting Trees: Add more greens to this planet.
  4. To be an Environmental Volunteer: Protecting our land by actions.
  5. Save Electricity: Turn off lights when leaving.

Protect the earth with Golmate, make every day Earth Day.