Golmate Happy party 2019-11-20

We like to party!

Companies does not only work, but also need entertainment to enrich our lives.We need work and rest.

To relieve work pressure,relaxing and improve team cohesion,We held a very interesting home party on November 14th.Everyone enjoyed the party very much

In order to provide members of the company with an opportunity to familiar with each other, understand each other and communicate with each other. Let members enhance friendship through family gatherings, increase tacit understanding, ,Increase the sense of belonging and play enthusiasm and passion in the big family of the company. Promote the company's production and management work, harmonious and healthy development


In home party,here are KTV, game consoles, billiards, movies, mahjong and other entertainment facilities to meet your different interests and hobbie.Of course, there are many delicious snacks,you can replenish your energy when you rest.


Although the event time is only a short day, through this event, the distance between the employees has been brought closer, the friendship between the employees has been deepened, the team's cohesiveness has been improved, and everyone has gained more in the aftermath of the intense work. Good relaxation allows employees to fully appreciate the richness of corporate culture and to find a sense of belonging, so that employees can be more passionate about their work in next year