Golmate New Coffee Jug-Irene 2019-12-10
Golmate Enterprises is fully capable of taking customers' ideas and turning into a product in a short period of time. A robust and efficient process is to insure the joint success of our customers' product line. Recently, people around the world like the wood factors. We respect the design of all of our clients and make our product involve in it. Now we are working on a new style of coffee jug. 

Here comes our new vacuum coffee jug Irene!.
Irene is made of Food grade PP material, with rotary sealing pot lid, push-type switch design, easy to use and labor-saving.
Penguin spout make the water pouring smoothly, no spills to prevent burns, more secure
The wood handle design makes it much attractive, comfortable to use and easy to pour water.
The bottom of the pot is made of matte, non-slip and wear-resistant, and more quality.
One-click press to pour water, easy to press, convenient and safe.

Wish you will like our new vacuum coffee jug Irene.
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