Golmate's Online Exhibition on Canton Fair 2021 2021-04-16

Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with 64 years of history for now. It is a trade fair with the largest scale, the most complete product variety, the greatest business turnover for suppliers and buyers in China. To against the spread of COVID-19 and out of health reasons,  the 129th Canton Fair is being held online. The online exhibition provides businesses and buyers from all over the world a platform to get in touch and a chance to promote global trade.

Golmate held an online exhibition of the Canton Fair on 15th and 16th April. Over ten products were introduced elaborately in the live streaming, including vacuum flask, lunch boxes, tumblers, and coffee jugs. Over 5000 viewers joined us and interact with us.  During the question session, we answered some common questions in trading for the viewers and provided special discounts as an exclusive gift from live streaming.

Nothing will stop Golmate and the global trading development. Please put an eye on us and stay tuned, and we will present more for you.