Golmate Team Building 2019-09-25

2019/9/20-2019/9/21, Golmate company had their Team Building in Foshan training center. Golmate team building is a process that develops cooperation and teamwork within a work unit. To constitute an effective team, our members must share a common goal, have respect for each other, and be motivated to use the strengths of each member to achieve our objectives. Current corporate philosophy stresses that each member of a team plays an integral part in the success of the company.

In the team building, we were separated into 2 teams to achieve the certain objectives. We need to finish 6 tasks by teamwork. And we had score for each task. Before the beginning of the task, we need to discuss with the teammates how to finish it faster and how we can make it in a better way. It made us strongly work together. After the task, no matter which team was the winner, we need to discuss with the teammates to make a conclusion. How we won the game? If it is part of our work, what we should to to make it better? The loser also needs to think how we lose this game and how to go over it next time. We even need to cook our supper in the train center by ourselves. Fortunately, we have several workmates cook every day.  They are really outstanding cook. What a delicious meal we had!

Team-building exercises were fun and engaging for everyone of us, the main benefit of team building is to build trust among team members. It has the knock-on effect of improving communication and morale, and revealing strengths and leadership qualities that we did not realize we had .

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