Indoor Bowling Activities 2019-06-01

On hot summer July,We ,Golmate, hold a indoor Bowling Activities.

For most of us which is not familiar with this sports.

But this is absolutely a good way to relax. it does not need to have too many complicated skills to play it. We gain lots of fun and our colleague with even a moderate skill can throw a bowling ball then knock over pins right and enjoy.One of our colleague said these pins are really like our cola bottle ,we could play in the office .i agree! i think it could be workable and play in our leisure time .

Actually ,play bowling is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, it helps in promoting weight loss and works muscle groups not usually exercised . especially good for us which working in office all day.Apart from the physical benefits, it strengthens our colleague’s friendships and improves the interactivity.

As we always say:work hard, play hard and make sure  your time is working for you.expect for our next activity !