Stock Selling Outdoor Activities 2019-06-10

On green June, we GOLMATE held an outdoors activity of selling stock products as,The types of stock include: vacuum flask, water bottle, airpot, vacuum jug, lunch box, etc.. Whole days’ sunshine’s burning and working hard, we felt exhausted on body but still keep doing our best to strengthen our wills so that we can continue to take every steps we did during this selling.

As we all known that the advantages of outdoors activity are: Shorten distance among colleagues, increase our communication skills, admit company’s culture and learn how to cooperate with others in limited time effectively. In a word, it is the physical and mental training to show how you sell your products in the harsh environment.

This time we were divided to 3 teams because we want to let colleague feel more about team-work because it is better to focus on cooperation more than the fame. In addition, we gathered friendship by helping our teammates and cooperation. One of our colleagues said: This is the 1st time I attended this activity, I felt everyone’s warm-heart and kind, I will cherish as the unforgettable memory of our life and hope that next time we can do better and better.
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