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What is An Airpot?

What is An Airpot?

How Does a Coffee Airpot Work?


First of all, the key to how airpot works without using electricity is the pump and lever. Let's take a look at the essential components of the airpot pump: lever pump, the bellows, the suction pipe, and the spout. In order to draw fluid up a tube from the central reservoir and out through the spout, there are two different methods to actualize: pump-action and lever action. Under the combined action of air and pressure, beverages are able to outflow smoothly.

How Does a Coffee Airpot Work?

How Long Can A Pump Coffee Dispenser Last?

Golmate's advanced thermal insulation technique with its double-walled construction, keeping beverages hot up to 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Every single airpot is manufactured elaborately with premium stainless steel that is incredibly durable and food-safe. With its vacuum technique, beverages are kept fresh and at an appropriate temperature inside, and the airpot stays cool to touch from the exterior, protecting customers from the risk of getting burned.

Water Temperature Upon Pouring into Airpot95℃
2 Hours Later91℃
4 Hours Later87℃
6 Hours Later
*Data provided by Golmate QC Team

The capacity of best selling airpot in Golmate are 1.5l, 3l and 5l. Which can be widely used in hotels or restaurants. Given the large passenger flow volume, a bigger capacity certainly is the better choice. The conversion of units is roughly provided as below:

LtrOzNumber of Cups(6oz coffee cup)

How Do You Use a Coffee Dispenser Pump?

  • While using the airpot to serve a beverage, just simply hold a cup or a glass under the dispensing spout and press on the pump — either a button or a lever. A large pot of coffee, or tea, or water can be prepared ahead and then fill in the airpot for guests to make their instant drinks.

  • How Do You Use a Coffee Dispenser Pump?

How Do You Make Coffee in an Air Pot Thermos?

  • Prepare enough coffee and a coffee brewer before proceeding. Put the ground coffee into the brew basket, and pour hot water slowly. Strain out coffee grounds and dump them after the coffee is completely brewed. The last step is to open the cap of the airpot, and put the brewed coffee into the stainless steel container carefully. Screw down the lid and try pressing the lever or button until the coffee is outflowing smoothly.

  • How Do You Make Coffee in an Air Pot Thermos?

Airpot vs Thermos Vacuum Jug

  • Airpot(also known as a coffee dispenser or coffee carafe)

    Insulated Airpot


    • Large capacity. Airpot has a larger capacity compared to a normal vacuum jug, which is suitable for a family party or beverage serving in a hotel/plane/restaurant, perfect for more people occasions.

    • Reduce the risk of spilling hot beverages. The button design of airpot makes it safer to pour hot beverages like coffee\chocalete\tea.


    • Not portable. At least 1L capacity makes airpot not the ideal way to take it outside. Even with a handle, it's still heavy.

    • Not easy to clean. After serving a beverage with a smell or color like coffee or chocolate. The accessories of airpot will be difficult to clean unless using special tools.

    Thermos vacuum jug



    • Portable. Compared to the airpot, the thermos vacuum jug is a better choice for a family. Carrying it to the dining room or kitchen will be easier.

    • Easy to clean. Without a lot of accessories, a wide-mouth vacuum jug is easy to clean.


    • Not suitable for more people occasions. Having a big party at home, normal vacuum jug is not enough to serve a lot of people.

    • Having the risk of spilling hot beverages compared to airpot. Pouring hot water needs to pay more attention since it's not accurate.

  • Airpot vs Thermos Vacuum Jug

Best Airpot Coffee Dispenser

  • Coffee dispenser pump reviews


    • Large capacity. which is suitable for a family party or beverage serving in a hotel/plane/restaurant, perfect for more people occasions.

    • With handle. Golmate airpot with handle makes it easier to carry when necessary.

    • Press pump action for easy use.


    • Lack of new design in the market. For many years, the style of airpot is still traditional and lacks innovation. Golmate noticed this issue and helped our customers with new ideas.

    • Not portable. It will be hard to carry when airpot is full, which is inconvenient sometime.

    Large coffee thermos with pump


    Wholesale Stainless Steel Air Pot Extra Large Coffee Airpot

  • Best Airpot Coffee Dispenser